Anupama 5th March 2023 Written episode update

Anupama written update

Today’s episode starts with Leela asking Kavya, “What did Maaya just say?” Anirudh, Maaya reveals, wants Kavya back in his life. Maya expresses her apprehension of not wanting to hurt Kavya but clarifying the fact that hiding the truth is sometimes necessary to protect people from getting hurt. She puts the same question to Leela, whether she doesn’t want Anupama to return to Vanraj’s life and similarly Vanraj too wants Anupama back in his life. Maaya further states their plan was to conceal facts so that Anupama isn’t affected. Further, Maya also advocates for Anuj as her love was only one-sided and thus emphasizes no one questioning his character. Lastly, she suggests that they should confront her if anyone has any doubts and not question Anuj. Leela asks why will they believe what she said and then she accuses them of enjoying the picnic.

Anupama stands up for Anuj, telling Leela that the issue is one of the Kapadia household and that she will find a way to solve it. She then takes her leave, with Hasmuk giving her his blessing to do so maturely. Meanwhile, Vanraj interrogates Kavya about meeting Anirudh in order to plan for their future, to which Kavya responds by saying that what he thinks doesn’t matter and emphasising that Anirudh is not important in her life. Vanraj appreciates Kavya for exposing Anuj’s true colours. Lastly, Pakhi suggests that Anupama should kick Maaya out of the house; an idea that Dimple strongly disputes as she believes love can come unexpectedly at any time which leads to a heated argument between these two.

Anupama and Anuj are in the car on their way back home thinking of all that happened at the Shah house.

Vanraj tells Kavya that due to her over smartness everyone had learned about Anuj’s true colours. And because of her now Anupama and Anuj’s marriage will be in danger. Vanraj has a smile on his face when he says this.

Pakhi tells Dimple that if she wants to support Maaya then she can leave. Samar supports Dimple and so Pakhi asks him if he has switched sides because of Dimple. This leads to an argument between the two. Leela comes in and asks why they are arguing. Kinjal assures her that she is handling the situation. Baa says she does not want outsiders coming and causing flight between siblings.

If Dimple is with Maya, Pakhi asks her to leave. Samar supports Dimple. Pakhi asks Samar if he switched sides because of Dimple. Samar and Pakhi argue with each other. Leela asks Samar and Pakhi why they are arguing. Kinjal asks Leela to relax as she is handling. In an effort to prevent outsiders from provoking fights between siblings and taunting Dimple, Leela asks Kinjal to take care.

Anupama is upset when she confronts Anuj and wants to know why he has not shared what happened at the picnic with her. She had to hear about it from Kavya, which made her feel even worse. Anupama expresses her dissatisfaction and hurt, prompting Anuj to admit that while he was wrong in not telling her, he didn’t want her to suffer the pain of another betrayal. He apologizes for not keeping the promise he had made to her. He said he did not hide the truth because of the promise he made to Maaya but because he did not want to upset her. Asking Anupama if she trusts him, she confirms that she does, leaving Maaya feeling hurt as she watches them.

Anupama tells Maaya that no wife would like to have anyone else take care of her husband. Anuj asks Maaya to leave the house. Maaya agrees on condition that she takes Little Anu with her.

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