Kumkum Bhagya 17th January Written Update

Written Episode of Kumkum Bhagya for 17th January 2023.

Dida and Pallavi distributed laddoos to everyone in the hospital to celebrate the good news. Shahana and Aryan had brought cakes, and as per Ranbir’s instructions, they were all going to be cut. Aryan joked that it was unnecessarily hard work since 9 months had already passed. Shahana clarified that all 9 cakes would be cut since she took so long to arrive. Thereafter, Dida and Pallavi cut the cakes together.

Aaliya hears them and says she is not a witch who leaves seven homes, but she is Aaliya and doesn’t leave her family. Shahana offers her a cake piece. Aaliya takes it and goes. Vikram calls Dida and asks him to grow old as he saw a little angel. Aryan says Dida shouldn’t have said this and tells Pallavi that she will also grow old.

Pallavi calls Rhea to tell her the good news that Prachi has given birth to a daughter. She also lets her know that she has become Maasi. Rhea is delighted and Pallavi invites her to come to the hospital and wishes Prachi. Rhea, however, cannot make it and suggest that Pallavi should do the honours on her behalf. Pallavi encourages her to put the past aside and celebrate regardless. Tears fill Rhea’s eyes before they say goodbye. After disconnecting, Pallavi wishes that if things had been different, Rhea would have been there with them to celebrate her new role as an aunt.

Prachi teases Ranbir, saying she thought it was for her, and says it is like a birthmark for our daughter. Ranbir shows her a pendant of a moon and star on the chain and tells her it is for her. She says she is joking and asks him to bring her. Ranbir takes the baby and gives her to Prachi. He then makes her wear the chain and pendant and says she will not complain about the baby.

She arrives as a nurse and says she was asked to administer an injection by the doctor. Prachi says the doctor didn’t mention it. Ranbir says you are in such pain, take it. Prachi faints. Ranbir calls her and thinks she has slept, so she gives her an injection. Aaliya then injects him and he faints immediately as well. When the baby starts crying, Aaliya calms her down by taking her in her arms.

Dida and Pallavi give cake to everyone. A patient eats it. A nurse tries to stop her. Pallavi and Dida thank the patient for sharing their happiness. Shahana and Aryan ask Pallavi to dance. She says she loves her very much and had planned to come here to meet her. She says she will not apply black tika to her, but will just kiss her. You are as beautiful as Rhea Maasi, she says.

She enquired if he was familiar with Rhea Maasi, who had come to see him. She proposed making a phone call to her, but since she did not own one, Ranbir’s would be used and so she tried to remember the lock code – she conjectured it may have been something connected to Prachi whom she thought had nothing in common with Rhea. To her surprise, Rhea answered and congratulated Ranbir on having a daughter, which is what he desired.

Aaliya tells Ranbir that she is ecstatic to be there, apologising for not being able to meet the baby and stating how cute she is. Rhea then enquires what brought her there, to which Aaliya replies that she thought Rhea would be glad to see her, accusing Rhea of having completely switched attitudes towards her. She reminds her how if it weren’t for her, Ranbir and his family would still be behind bars – and Prachi’s child would have been born amidst the upheaval, with the burden of providing for many houses on her shoulders. Aaliya also points out that all because of Rhea, Pragya has been killed with both Bhai and himself also falling prey to death. After this, she asks what punishment one deserves for murdering three people – hanging or something more? Upon hearing this, Rhea screeches the car to a halt in surprise as Buji echoes through the air.

Aaliya informs Rhea that she is free from jail and intends to take the baby with her. Hearing this, Rhea shouts in shock. Aaliya explains that the child has been sent to a dream world and is in deep sleep. Having no time to explain further, Aaliya ends the call. Worried, Rhea decides to contact Pallavi. However, Pallavi is already busy celebrating; leaving Rhea determined to save Prachi’s baby, who is like a daughter to her and whom she loves dearly since before birth.

Aaliya tells the baby she will take her out of the mess and rewrite everyone’s fate. She invites her to come along and meet her mum once, and for Prachi to have one last look at the baby. Aaliya mentions that she had given her mum a chance to meet her, yet they both forced her into this situation. She reminds them how she had asked Ranbir to marry Rhea, stressing that if he had done so, then the girl would be Rhea’s daughter and Aaliya herself could become her loving Buji. However, since he rejected Rhea, Aaliya states that their daughter will now suffer the consequences of their choice.

Precap: Prachi tells Ranbir that Aaliya is here and shouts, “Where’s my baby?” Aaliya, dressed in nursing clothes, sits in a car with her baby. Prachi shouts at Ranbir, “because of you, my child is missing!” Ranbir ask why you’re blaming me? Prachi replies, “You’re the father, too, and your responsibility is to look after her as well.” Aaliya, holding the baby, says, “You’re wishing me well.”

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