Teri Meri Doriyaan 10th February 2023 Written Episode Update


Santosh worries about Seerat’s well-being, and Angad volunteers to go find her with the help of security. Jaspal suggests Santosh not pay attention to Manveer’s remarks as Angad was obligated to attend the Brar Jeweler’s promotion event. Jasleen adds that his engagement is necessary too. Manveer remarks that you can tell a person’s real worth by what they hide rather than what they display. His comment causes Jasleen to ponder if Santosh and Seerat are deceiving her in some way, but Bebe stops her from assuming and instructs Manveer to wait for some more time; however, he retorts that if Seerat does not show up in five minutes, they will leave immediately.

Keerat gets into Veer’s car and demands a lift. Their nok jhok continues. Keerat gets out of car and advises him to lock his car after he gets out of it. Veer asks Sudha’s address. She guides him without hearing the address in her style.

Angad strides out of the house, fuming upon spotting Seerat and Sahiba. In a rage, he barks out what is this woman doing here? He inquires Seerat if she has brought her here. She responds in the negative. Santosh and Manveer follow suit and are greeted by Angad’s torrent of abuse – accusing Sahiba of making Seerat late and that she is an opportunist looking to squeeze money from him through Seerat. Manveer tries to placate him, but Angad continues his tirade without relenting.

Ajith walks in upon seeing Sahiba’s distress and tries to intervene, but Sanoths emotionally manipulates him and warns to take drastic steps if he aid her. However, Ajith remains silent throughout the episode. Seerat accuses Sahiba of attempting to break their union which Santosh shuts her down over. When questioned, Sahiba clarifies she has come bearing goods. The family then offers money and politely requests her to leave while Angad doesn’t spare a chance to embarrass her before tears stream down her face. Forcing Angad to mend his ways, Ajith interjects requesting him to let Sahiba go since she is also someone’s daughter. Despite his hauteur and money power, Angad complies with the request. In return for his help, Sahiba expresses gratitude before departing.

Ajith calls Sahiba for help after Manveer fixes Angad and Seerat’s engagement.

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