Kumkum Bhagya 16th June 2023 Written Update

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As Aryan brings Akshay to the wedding venue, mistakenly thinking he is Ranbir, Aaliya’s goons arrive and demand his departure. Akshay removes the black cloth covering his face and tosses it away. He questions them, asking, “Who are you? Are you an incarnation of God?”

Aryan tells the goons he won’t let them separate Prachi and Ranbir. He hits them. The goon hits Aryan with a stick, and he faints. Another goon checks and says he is alive. They lift him and take him away. Akshay finds the wedding in progress inside.

Ashok calls a waiter, who drops water on Ranbir’s clothes. The Pandit ji asks Ranbir to clean his clothes as soon as possible. Akshay takes advantage of the situation and goes behind him. He believes he is the kidnapper’s man and says he will take off the sehra. He checks his face and comes behind him.

Unable to catch a glimpse of his face, he locks the door from the outside and departs. Ranbir wipes his sherwani with a tissue. Akshay returns after removing his sehra. Ashok asks what about your verya? Akshay says I won’t wear it, and the groom can change if I do. He says he feels suffocated wearing it, and he doesn’t believe in sehra.

When he tells Pandit ji to start, he says there is no point in wearing it, thinking no one can take my place now. He asks Abhay to remove the veil if anyone forces him to. Prachi hands Akshay her hand. Pandit ji assigns someone to perform the ghatbandhan ritual, and Vishaka ties the ceremonial knot. After some delay caused by Ranbir and Prachi being seated together during the wedding, Pandit ji instructs the bride and groom to stand up for the wedding rounds.

She is thinking of her marriage with Ranbir as she and Akshay take the rounds. Ranbir tries to get out of the room, but it’s locked. He knocks on the door and tries to get out of the window, but it’s also locked. Pandit ji asks them to sit after completing 7 rounds. Akshay makes Bride wear mangalsutra. Pandit ji asks Akshay to fill sindoor in her maang. Akshay fills sindoor in Bride’s maang. Ranbir comes out of the window anyway.

Upon Ranbir’s arrival, Akshay applies sindoor to Prachi’s hairline. Ranbir is taken aback and throws away his sehra in anguish. Prachi witnesses this as Ranbir discards the garland.. Pandit ji says this marriage is complete and asks them to get the elders’ blessings. Akshay and Prachi get up smiling, while Ranbir tears his sherwani and throws it away.

His eyes tear up. Aaliya tells Rhea not to worry and says I will get both of you married just as soon as Ranbir returns. Aryan is brought to Aaliya by the goons, who say Ranbir ran inside. Rhea speculates that Ranbir must have already married Prachi by now. She reminds her of previous statements and requests her to refrain from speaking further.

As Rhea throws water on Aryan’s face, she slaps him and goes out. Aaliya follows behind her. Akshay and Prachi take everyone’s blessings. Akshay’s mother says the family is complete. Ashok says he has a daughter. Vishaka blesses them with children.

While Ranbir reminisces about their wedding and Pragya’s blessings, Abhay congratulates Akshay and remarks, “Finally, the marriage has taken place.” Akshay informs him that Mihika/Nethra has yet to arrive, noting that she is often referred to as Nethra. Spotting Ranbir, he exclaims, “What a pleasant surprise! You’re late; the wedding just concluded.”

Akshay asks Ranbir to congratulate them. Ranbir says congratulations. He is about to leave. Akshay asks him to bless them. Ranbir firmly states, “I have no intention of giving my blessings to both of you.” He says my age people don’t give blessings. Akshay says giving blessings requires a heart. You don’t need a broken heart to curse, says Ranbir.

He introduces him to his family and says that if I am married today, it is because of him. Akshay says you can’t break someone’s heart, but you can join hearts. As a matter of fact, he helped me propose Prachi, he is very lovable, my best friend and best man, Ranbir Kohli. Ranbir gets angry when he introduces his family to Prachi and then introduces Prachi as his wife.


Ranbir informs Akshay, “Prachi is already my wife.” Akshay retorts, “Prachi married me to secure her daughter, Khushi.” Prachi smiles and affectionately brushes her hand against Ranbir’s.

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