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Meet prays to God during the jagrata, asking for help in exposing Shagun’s true colours in front of everyone. During the prayer, Meet notices a lady who appears to be summoned by God. Everyone in the gathering stands up, and Jasodha mentions that someone is summoned by God only when they are blessed. Meet observes the lady’s actions and realizes that she needs to take matters into her own hands. She sits down and pretends to be the one summoned by God. Gunwanti removes her glasses, and Meet takes center stage, holding a trident. Everyone approaches Meet and seeks her blessings, believing her to be an embodiment of God. Jasodha and Gunwanti ask Shagun to seek Meet’s blessings as well.

As Shagun approaches Meet, she stops her and accuses her of having bloodstained hands, making a reference to the stabbing incident involving Manmeet. Meet’s brother, Manmeet, defends Shagun, claiming that she is innocent and incapable of such actions. Meet insists that Shagun’s hands are covered in blood, which unsettles Shagun. Manmeet pleads with Meet to reconsider, but Meet stands firm in her accusation. Shagun admits that she is capable of killing anyone and threatens Meet’s life. Angered by Shagun’s response, Meet sits down and asks Shagun to sit as well, claiming that she will gather evidence against her. Meet warns Shagun that if she wants to save her relationship, she should reveal the whereabouts of the evidence. Frightened, Shagun runs away, while Meet and Jasodha ask Manmeet to wait. Meet dances and then falls to the ground.

Outside, Shagun assures herself that Meet won’t find the evidence. She takes a rickshaw and leaves the area. Meenakshi tries to chase after her, but Manmeet stops her and asks where she is going. Meenakshi explains that she is going to propose to the boy she previously mentioned and will return soon. Manmeet allows her to go but sends someone with her. Meet wonders how she can outrun Manmeet now. She notices an auto-rickshaw and decides to follow Shagun in a jeep. Shagun instructs the auto-rickshaw driver to drive faster.

Inside the jagrata, Jasodha approaches the Goddess and prays for the real culprit to be exposed. She also prays for Manmeet to find the strength to accept the truth. Outside, Shagun asks the auto-rickshaw driver to stop and quickly gets out, walking away. Meet intentionally drops a few nails on the ground, causing the jeep’s tire to go flat. Meet and the security guard steps out of the jeep, and Meet starts running toward Shagun.

At a remote location, Shagun expresses her determination not to let anyone come between her and Manmeet. She starts digging and retrieves the evidence from the ground. Shagun examines the evidence and concludes that everything is intact, believing that Meet couldn’t have reached the location. However, Meet reveals herself and confronts Shagun. Meet points out that Shagun used clothes, a mask, and a wig to disguise herself as Meet and stab Manmeet.

Shagun grabs a gun and aims it at Meet, threatening to kill her and frame her as the murderer. In response, Meet bravely approaches Shagun, placing her forehead at gunpoint and revealing a bullet. Meet explains that she has been trained in her police training to handle people like Shagun. Meet insists on keeping Shagun alive as evidence against her, emphasizing that her hands are covered in Manmeet’s blood, which will be revealed to everyone.

Shagun is tied to a chair, and Meet warns her not to move as it will be futile. Meet calls Sarkar and informs him that she has captured the attacker, Shagun, in their house. She then hangs up the call. Jasodha tells Manmeet that she prays for him to find the strength to face the truth, leaving Manmeet confused. Jasodha suggests they go home.

Shagun pleads to have her hands freed, but Meet assures her that she won’t be set free. Meet informs Shagun that Sarkar will soon arrive to free her, and Manmeet will witness her true face, which she had concealed behind Meet’s mask. Meet questions Shagun’s lack of trust, despite always talking about love. Shagun claims that she trusts Manmeet and their love.

Meet accuses Shagun of trying to defame her and warns her that when Manmeet looks at her with hatred, she won’t be able to live in peace. Shagun insists that Manmeet wouldn’t do such a thing, but Meet disagrees. Shagun admits to attacking Manmeet but states that it was planned meticulously to minimize his injuries. Meet confronts Shagun, questioning her motives and reminding her of the responsibility she held. Shagun confesses that she couldn’t bear seeing Meet and Manmeet together. Meet reiterates that it was her duty, prompting Shagun to admit that she once said she couldn’t live without Manmeet while he was in the hospital.

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