Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Abhinav and Akshara are out on a date

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

YRKKH 24th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Mahima says she is happy that the engagement is happening but the matter regarding Parth and Shefali should not be shared with anyone.  Nobody should know that Parth is not living with them.  Shefali assures her that none of them will tell anyone about Parth. 

Abhimanyu tells Shefali that he understands that it was difficult for her but he is proud of her.  It was necessary for her to stop the wrongdoings happening to her.

Abhinav and Akshara are out on a date. Abhinav goes to get the pizza while Akshara and Abhir wait in the car.

Manish says hopefully our worries regarding our daughter will be over now.  Surekha realizes they have not seen Kairav for long so she calls him.  He enters with the flight tag on his bag.  Muskaan tells everyone that he had gone to Kasauli.  Kairav gives her an angry look and thinks that if he tells everyone about Abhinav being in jail all will be worried.

Akshara is busy on a call from Neela Amma.  Abhir feels uneasy and breathless. He puts on the ac of the car.  He thinks his parents will be worried because of him and gets out of the car.

Kairav tells Manish he had gone to Akshara to make amends because he felt he has wronged her.  Manish and Surekha are proud of him.  Suvarna asks Muskaan how is that only she knew about Kairav going.  She tells Kairav that he has accepted one sister and now he has to accept the other one too.  Manish informs him about Aarohi and Abhimanyu’s engagement the next day.  He says he cannot stop them from going but they should not have any expectations from her.  He will not go to celebrate Aarohi’s mistakes.

Abhinav comes with the Pizza.  Akshara goes to get Abhir and realizes he is not in the car. Both Abhinav and Akshara search for Abhir.  Abhir sits under a tree and practices the breathing exercises that Abhimanyu has taught him.  Meanwhile, Akshara and Abhinav are getting desperate when they cannot find him. Akshara asks one vendor if he has seen Abhir and that person tells Akshara if they cannot look after their kids why do they have kids?  Abhinav gets angry hearing this and manhandles the man.  Akshara asks him to leave him.  Just then Abhir comes to them.  He comes and asks for his pizza.  Abhir thinks that he was away for two minutes and his parents got so desperate.  What would happen to them if they got to know he was unwell?  He does not tell them that he was feeling unwell.

Abhimanyu remembers Abhir telling him that he was having problems breathing.  He wants to know about Abhir’s health but wonders whom to call.. Akshara or Abhinav. 

Abhinav says when he was alone he had no fear of losing anyone.  Now he has a family and is scared of losing them.  Abhir tells them not to be serious.  Abhir and Abhinav start dancing. Abhinav, Akshara and Abhir spend some good time together.

Akshara prays for happiness to be always there in her house.  She prays for her family in Udaipur too and decides to call them.

Manish and Surekha spend some good romantic moments together.  Surekha gets a little worried but Manish assures her that everything will be alright now.  Just then Manish gets a call from Akshara.  Akshara realizes that Manish does not know about Abhinav being in jail so she too does not tell them. When Akshara hears the servant asking about putting the fruits in the car Akshara asks them where they are going.  Surekha lies that they are going to the Ashram.  Surekha tells Manish she told lies because she wants to keep Akshara and Aarohi separate now.

Next week:  Abhimanyu is worried about Abhir and just then he gets a voice note from Abhir informing him about his football match. 

Abhinav is celebrating Abhir’s win when suddenly Abhir faints.

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