Kumkum Bhagya 7th December 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 7th December 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The episode begins with Poorvi updating Ashutosh on the recent turn of events, expressing her confusion. He explains that he had brought her inside to show her the hotel. She asks if he really wanted her to meet RV and questions if he is insecure about him. Ashutosh assures her that this is not the case and mentions that she has spoiled his mood. He suggests they proceed to book a room and head towards the reception. Ashutosh then specifies that they need a room for their wedding day on 25th January, along with a small banquet hall for their guests to get ready. The receptionist points out that this information was not mentioned earlier, to which Ashutosh responds by saying that he is stating it now.

They wave hands at each other and Poorvi turns to see Ranbir. He says yes, and that’s why he met her. He asks how you’re doing? She says she’s fine and you didn’t ask me how I’m doing? When she asks him how he’s doing, he says he’s upset with her because she didn’t invite him to her engagement, and asks why you didn’t think to invite me? Poorvi says she thought he couldn’t attend, and she told him she thought he was too busy.

Ranbir assures Ashutosh that he would have taken care of everything, as she is like a daughter to him. He then requests her to save her phone and landline numbers in his mobile. He adds that if she doesn’t answer his call, he will try the landline instead. Meanwhile, Ashutosh is waiting at the reception desk and approaches Poorvi. She suggests they have a calm conversation. However, Ashutosh questions why she wants to speak peacefully and worries that they may blame him for the situation. Ranbir encourages him to go and talk to her, so Ashutosh goes over.

Ranbir urges Poorvi not to go through with the marriage. He inquires if she is being pressured into it, or if it is her own choice. Poorvi confirms that she is marrying of her own volition. Ranbir asks if this is truly the person she wants to be with. She clarifies that he might have misunderstood due to his anger, but assures him that her fiancé is a good man. Despite not knowing him, Ranbir trusts Poorvi’s judgement and believes she deserves someone deserving of her. Poorvi acknowledges that he may not know her fiancé well, but insists on his good character. Ashutosh calls for Poorvi and she thanks Ranbir for their conversation before joining Ashutosh. Realizing that she is still young, Ranbir contemplates speaking to her mother before leaving himself.

When Vishaka asks Divya what she is thinking, Divya replies, “I’m dreaming of Diya’s marriage.” She says she will not let Diya marry a poor man like Poorvi and will ask her to choose a rich man. She tells her that if she chooses a poor guy, then she will ask her to choose between her and the guy, and Diya will choose her. Prachi tells VIshaka she is going to the market and asks if she needs anything.

Ranbir considers contacting Poorvi’s mother to express concerns about Ashutosh not being the right fit for her. He views Poorvi as a daughter and shares that she means as much to him as Khushi does. He plans on discussing this with her soon. Vishaka informs Prachi that Vimal’s mother suggested substituting raw haldi, amla, and ginger boil for tea. Diya asks if she would like some tea instead. Divya mentions that Ranbir is asking Prachi to make tea before leaving. Vishaka reminds her of Vimal’s mother’s advice. Prachi agrees to take note of it, but the phone interrupts their conversation. Vishaka assumes it must be Vimal’s mother calling and requests Divya to answer the call.

Prachi mentions the possibility of a new order, prompting Divya to answer the call and inquire as to the caller’s identity. Upon learning that it is Krishna Kakkar, who wishes to discuss Poorvi and Ashutosh’s relationship, she transfers the call to Prachi. After exchanging brief hellos, Ranbir realizes it is Prachi on the line. Vishaka takes over the conversation and asks for his purpose of calling. Ranbir expresses his disapproval of Ashutosh as a potential match for Poorvi, but Vishaka dismisses his concerns and ends the call. Ranbir remains unsatisfied with this outcome. Beena asks about the caller’s identity, to which Vishaka suggests he may have been envious. She then instructs Prachi to retrieve some items before asking her to bring almonds as well. As Prachi leaves, Vishaka asks Divya for the name of the caller, but Divya confesses she has forgotten and advises her to ask Prachi instead.

As Dada ji, Harman, Harleen and Nupur descend the stairs, Dadi intervenes and urges them to stop. Dada ji tries to speak, but Dadi cuts him off by saying she does not want to hear what he has to say. Noticing her demeanor, Harleen checks in with her to see if she is upset. Dadi clarifies that she is not angry, but reminds them that she no longer talks with Bau ji. Harman explains that they are aware of the situation which is why they have come down. Just then, Harman’s elder son arrives with his wife. Nupur informs them that there was a disagreement between Dada and Dadi earlier. RV’s Bhabhi then asks Dadi for an explanation. Calmly, Dadi reveals that she is upset with him because he whistled at her and embarrassed her in public. She emphasizes that while he may be her husband at home, his actions outside should not reflect poorly on their relationship.

Harman and others chuckle while Dadi scolds him for teasing someone. RV’s brother defends Dadu, saying he wouldn’t intentionally tease anyone. RV’s sister-in-law adds that there is a lot of love between them and Dadu adores her. She playfully mentions their romance being over, to which RV’s brother quickly changes the subject. As they depart, Dadu questions Dadi if she is content after spreading gossip about him. Dadi admits to being slightly amused and grins. Dadu then instructs Harleen to bring some ginger, as Harman suggests adding biscuits as well. Harleen heads off and Dadu mentions how he was whistling before the music started playing. Harman playfully teases him in return.

Ashutosh negotiates with the receptionist, inquiring about the cost of the banquet hall, before speaking to the Principal in hopes of securing a lower price. Poorvi apologizes to the receptionist before joining Beena at the market. Beena kindly invites Prachi and Poorvi over for dinner, as she wishes for them to meet her acquaintance Poorvi. Prachi happily accepts the offer and bargains for a dupatta at a lower price. Beena then asks if Prachi was offended by their failure to protect Poorvi yesterday, explaining that Ashutosh had initially tried to save her but waited for an opportune moment when the situation was calmer before taking action once again when the goon pulled out a knife.

Ashutosh is a calm person who does not like fights, like RV who was fighting like a goon. Asprachi says RV fought with the goons and saved her daughter’s life. You are a mother, and you can understand. She expresses gratitude to RV for saving her daughter. Ashutosh is good in other things and has good qualities, she says, and I would have fought with the goons if RV hadn’t come. Beena says we will buy vegetables.

As Ranbir pulls up in his car, the driver points out that they have arrived at the vegetable market and suggests buying some fresh produce. In a flashback, Ranbir remembers visiting the market with Prachi in the past. However, he decides to postpone their shopping plans due to his busy schedule at home. As Prachi admires the quality of the coriander, Ranbir playfully remarks on her delight. She then asks for his assistance and he jokingly responds with his strengths being staring and looking at her. Before sharing a kiss on her cheek, Prachi reminds him that they are in public. Despite this, Ranbir still requests a bundle of coriander from the vendor. Saving money by bargaining, Prachi successfully obtains some free coriander as Ranbir makes his way to another vegetable seller.


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