Kavya – Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 11th December 2023 Written Update

Kavya 11th December 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The Episode begins with Kavya discussing with her boss, asking him to listen to her. Amanpreet advises her, mentioning that she also received a gift of lipstick and bangles which she occasionally wears. Amanpreet then shares that while Kavya is brave, she needs to control her emotions before going out in the field. Kavya apologizes and Amanpreet warns her that she may get suspended if she doesn’t improve. She offers Kavya some biscuits as it is her first day on the job and tells her that everyone is monitoring her work closely. Giriraj recommended Kavya for this role and his son has been assigned to decorate the room. However, Amanpreet makes it clear that there won’t be a second chance for Kavya. With that, Kavya makes her way to the cabin where Adi is waiting for her.

Adi invites Kavya to see the new chair, cooler, and kettle. He prepares some tea, but accidentally spills it on the papers. Apologizing, he offers to clean it up. However, Kavya declines and tells him she can work without these distractions. She explains that she’s not used to such luxuries and asks him to remove them from her sight. Adi questions why she is reacting so strongly, to which she responds by admitting her foolishness for believing that she could handle a raid. She feels that everyone now sees her as incapable and blames herself for proving them right. Adi apologizes again, explaining that he only wanted her to be comfortable. He encourages her to sit down, but Kavya insists on working and tells him to leave her alone. Adi sadly leaves the room as requested by Kavya.

Ro lene de…plays… He throws a vase in anger. Kavya worries. She says I am sorry, Adi. She rests on the gifted chair. He comes home. Malini asks what happened. He says Kavya thinks I am not suitable for her. Omi says Kavya reacted as we expected. Kavya gives Amanpreet the halwa. Amanpreet asks if you made it, it’s good, Kavya says Giriraj got it. Amanpreet asks if he got it for you, and Kavya says it’s a long story.

As she says, I don’t know what I’m doing, so I asked Adi to stay away, sorry. Amanpreet says office is over, she’s pregnant, she’s hungry, forget about him, he’s useless. Kavya says no, he’s smart. She praises him. Adi is tense, Giriraj teases him. Kavya apologizes. Amanpreet says I knew it, did you tell him you love him?

She gets her husband’s call and talks. Amanpreet says Shamsher is nice, his heart is like wax, if he wasn’t home, then I wouldn’t have been here, you need Adhiraj, he won’t let you lose focus, remember this lesson, they get news before our raid. Kavya says it means there is some informer. Amanpreet says yes, figure out who he is.

You have invited trouble, she says. Kavya says I’ll balance work and love. Amanpreet leaves. Kavya calls Adi. He throws the phone at her angrily. Upon returning home, everyone asks about her first day and cabin. Kavya gives Rajeev medicines and tells him your health is the most important thing. He asks how your boss is doing. Anjali gets tea for her. She sits down. She imitates Amanpreet and laughs.

Rajeev says it’s good, your boss will teach you new stuff and show you a new direction. Kavya says Chadda Sir is the best. Anjali asks if she’s happy with you. She says yes, she explained me well, get cream biscuits tomorrow for Chadda Sir. Rajeev asks if everything is alright. She says yes. Anjali invites her to tea. Kavya recalls Adi.


After Kavya updates Amanpreet about the informer, she follows him and gets locked in the cold storage. Adi looks for her. Kavya cries for help.

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