Kavya 30th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Adi Seeks Justice in a Legal Battle


Kavya 30th April 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The lawyer says we can’t prove Adi right in the episode. Adi says we have to locate the original report. Anurag says Amma, I deleted it already. Adi says he knows someone who can retrieve it. Anurag says you don’t have to worry, and I didn’t leave any proof behind. The lawyer says today’s meeting went well. Kavya says Malini found the clues, and you need someone to fight this case. She asks Malini to do so.

In response to Giriraj’s question, are you okay? Do you want Adi to win the case? Malini says no, I’ve left law. Giriraj says she wasn’t present in court. Kavya says Malini gave us the solution today. He says a lawyer will fight the case. He says listen to me. Malini is just sitting at home. He says Malini is just sitting at home. Even though she chose to do IAS, you asked her to leave IAS, so Adi’s future should be given to her, and she will fight this case as a mother.

She says she’s right. Mum is intelligent, she’s my mum, and she can take care of me the best. Giriraj says no. Malini says enough now. Giri’s fine; it’s a big responsibility. She goes crying. You need to prove the blame wrong so that you can win the elections, so Malini must fight your case and explain what happened. He cries and expresses his pain.

He holds her to kiss. He recalls Omi’s death and leaves. She says to get the report checked and leave the rest to me. She leaves. Badi Amma checks the door.

There’s Kavya. Badi Amma says let me go outside. Kavya teases her. She says the lawyer left, and you didn’t hear anything. Badi Amma says you want to act smart. Kavya says it’s your job to play tricks, and she’s learning how to respond from you. She asks Badi Amma to sit. Badi Amma asks what report, but Kavya says she won’t play games. Tell me how much money you have given to change the report. Badi Amma asks what report. Kavya says you’ve bribed those people, and if anyone reveals your name, you’ll go to jail.

Then Sanjeev comes home. Alka sees him and leaves. Kavya arrives. He asks if anything has happened to Alka and me, but Kavya says no. Badi Amma has changed the reports. He praises her observation. I am suspended. Once Omi’s case is over, you will have the chair. Adi returns. Kavya asks if you spoke to him. Sanjeev didn’t try to meet Alka, and he focused on the case.

Adi says we will go inside and talk. Sanjeev apologizes to Adi. He says I just fell in love with Alka. He apologizes to Adi and hugs him. Kavya smiles. Sanjeev says you’ve made my heart feel good. Adi and Sanjeev argue. Anurag looks on. Adi says if Alka wants this and she loves you, then I will convince everyone. Kavya laughs.

Sanjeev says Kavya isn’t like that; you know it. Adi shuts the door and asks if Kavya and you have a hard drive. Sanjeev says yes. Adi says she told me, but I didn’t trust her. Malini visits Kavya, who remains upset. It would help if you defended Adi’s life, according to Kavya.


I will support the truth, says Kavya.

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