Maati Se Bandhi Dor 1st June 2024 Written Episode Update | Vaiju’s Struggle and Ranvijay’s Determination

Maati Se Bandhi Dor

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 1st June 2024 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Santosh’s dad asking Vaiju to shut up. He lies to Vasundhara. Vasundhara says there was injustice here before, but it won’t happen again. She says Santosh cannot be part of this mass marriage. Santosh asks how you can believe Vaiju’s words. Her shaking hands indicate you’re drunk; you haven’t drunk since the last few hours, and you didn’t say you were married. She hugs Vaiju and thanks her.

Vasundhara says your motive was good. You don’t want justice but revenge. Therefore, you didn’t meet me at my home; you did a drama there. You should have resolved this problem in a good manner. Your sister would have received justice. Vaiju asks if I will learn it from you. You give this advice to Jaikant. She complains about him. She leaves.

Ranvijay thanked the girls for giving Kaveri her number. Jaya asks why they didn’t come. He says I’m coming. She asks the girls to come. They go. Vaiju comes home and talks to Aai. He says you’re late. I got her number, and we’ll meet on the proper date. Santosh arrives drunk and causes drama.

Kaveri confronts him for considering a second marriage, resulting in him striking her. Vaiju intervenes and urges him to leave. Despite this, he insults her by stating she lacks the qualities of a woman and holds her responsible for ruining his marriage, believing she will remain unmarried forever. Saleem intervenes and asks him to depart. However, before leaving, Santosh curses Vaiju while she weeps. Kaveri questions Vaiju’s actions, stating she should not meddle in others’ affairs. Vaiju and her Aai both shed tears. Jaya converses with her friends, who try to persuade her to take Ranvijay seriously because of his admirable attributes.

In a depressed mood, Vaiju sits by the lakeside and cries. Saleem calms her down. She says Kaveri might have been telling the truth when a family member tells something bitter. As she leaves, she drops Ranvijay’s pic. She takes it back. He teases her about her fiance. She says this guy has something different, but I’m scared after having a hope again, I like him.

She asks Jaikant why he rings the bell at night. Jaikant and his parents ask her to give them justice. Rao Sahab asks Vasundhara to sit on the throne and do justice to the family.

Vaiju sees Ranvijay’s picture and smiles. Aai comes and asks what you’re doing. Vaiju says I had to keep the bangles, and Kaka didn’t take them. Aai happily takes the bangles. Vaiju keeps the pic back. Vasundhara sits on the chair and asks them to say. Jaikant’s mum complains about Vaiju. Jaikant says I have always obeyed your orders. I apologized to her, but she insulted me and made fun of me. They tell her to do justice. Rao Sahab says the girl is a storm.

Vasundhara says I know what to do; don’t teach me the definition of justice. She leaves. Aai gets drunk and talks to her late husband’s picture. She says I’m the worst mum ever. She confesses her mistake. She cries and says I can’t spoil Jaya’s life, farming, and Kaveri’s future; you got free of everything; I’m a terrible mother; I don’t want Vaiju to marry; I want her to stop dreaming. He talks to his friends. He believes her sister may not permit or give permission. He calls Kaveri.

As Kaveri slumbers, Aai answers the phone and speaks to the caller. They explain their desire for permission, to which she responds that banks can give loans at any time, but her family is already in debt. The caller clarified that they wanted to speak to Kaveri instead. Aai questions why Kaveri would need a loan, implying that she spends money on clothes and makeup. The caller assures her that their intentions are unrelated to financial assistance and then inquires if the person on the phone is Kaveri. Aai assumes that they are Kaveri’s lovers and warns them against trying to deceive her, as she is a married woman who would not appreciate such advances. The caller insists they have no romantic interest in Kaveri, and Aai ends the call. While looking at a picture of Ranvijay, Aai converses with a sleeping Vaiju, who suddenly grasps her hand upon waking up, startling Aai.


When Jaikant hits Saleem and Vaiju, Vaiju gets the police home. She complains, and Vasundhara is arrested. Ranvijay comes to the village. He meets Vasundhara and promises to apologize to Vaiju.

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