Kumkum Bhagya 17th March 2024 Written Episode Update: RV and Poorvi’s Eventful Night

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Kumkum Bhagya 17th March 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

During the Episode, RV asks Poorvi if she feels anything when he is close to her when he comes closer to her. RV says I think something and asks if she will tell me how I feel. He says I feel useless and irritating and wants to scratch your or my hair if you let him. He says you are with whoever, and that person will never reach his destination, and you will wander. He says we have to go to the resort, but we can’t, and it’s like climbing a mountain.

Poorvi says we could have gone if we asked for a lift. She sees a car and asks for a lift. The car goes. RV says you can’t do anything and asks if the vehicle stopped. When the vehicle stops, Poorvi goes to the guy and asks him for a lift. The guy tells her my wife is with me. She asks him to take her to the top.

His wife suggests he give her a lift. He asks her to come. Poorvi calls RV and asks him to come. He asks if he is your boyfriend. Poorvi shows him her mangalsutra and says he is my husband. In the car, Poorvi says he is my husband. RV says it was by mistake, and the car stopped working by mistake.

Deepika brings champagne. She says she will also drink some. She opens it, and they drink. Deepika says Cheers to our victory. Harleen sees them drinking and says Deepika always comes. Harleen scolds Deepika for supporting Monisha and says RV’s phone has been unreachable until now. She isn’t sure if he is safe or not. Monisha thinks he must be secure.

Harleen receives RV’s call and talks to him. Monisha says I told him he would come back safe. Harleen says your tension has increased. RV and Poorvi got the lift and are going to the resort. Poorvi says you tried to stop her, but she reached where she needed to. She says God will give you some intelligence and take care.

RV and Poorvi watch the couple enjoying the song and are romantic. Poorvi is asked if she is newly married. RV tells her she has a glow on her face and that he seems to love her a lot. RV thinks love, my foot. Poorvi thinks he doesn’t know about love. The guy asks how their married life is going. RV tells him to concentrate on driving. Poorvi asks him to answer.

He says she is in big trouble; wherever she goes, there is trouble. The couple laughs when he tells them that we cannot go on honeymoon since she is a big trouble, even though her face is good, but she is a big trouble. The lady said you reminded me of your uncle when we got married. She said even we used to fight. With love and care, men meltdown, and she says she won his heart.

She says she has won his heart. The guy says she will also win your heart. RV asks if I did such a bad karma that she will always be in my life. Poorvi says my destiny is good that I got such a handsome and caring husband. According to him, you don’t deserve my love, and there are Rajvansh filters, and you don’t deserve it. Poorvi says I don’t need your love, so keep your filter with you.

She expresses her frustration and anger about the things. Deepika asks her to control her anger. Deepika says she loves RV rather than that girl. She says everyone will know this. In response to Monisha’s question, Deepika says they shall do something. She tells her they will cancel their honeymoon room, so they must return home, and he will be yours tomorrow.

Monisha says you are a genius and that she will take action. She says RV’s honeymoon will happen. Deepika asks if that champagne is fake. How could you allow the honeymoon to occur? Monisha says RV’s honeymoon will happen, but not with Poorvi. She says RV will come to me and tells me she will celebrate her honeymoon with him. She says that she will cancel the room. RV and his love are both mine, and she tells me that the small knob jhok increases love.

The guy says RV and Poorvi don’t want to love. He says even we were like you. RV and Poorvi get out of the car at the resort. He says RV and Poorvi’s love will serve as an example. Poorvi refuses to take shagun, so RV asks her to give him shagun for bearing her. The lady tells him that kumkum is applied to women’s maang, but it is of both destiny and very powerful. He says you will understand and know it soon. The couple leaves.

The RV asks Poorvi to come inside, and she receives shagun money. Poorvi calls Prachi and tells her they arrived late because the petrol in their car ran out. She says that they waited for the lift and asks what happened. Prachi asks why she looks so tired and worried as she waits for her call. She asks if RV fought with her.

She says she won’t take tension and asks Poorvi not to. She says she’ll call her in the morning. Prachi says my heart knows everything, and I’m worried and concerned about something. Since I met Monisha, she hasn’t caused any trouble for them. RV and Poorvi should be together and happy, she prays.

RV informs Poorvi that her booking has been canceled. Poorvi asks how they can cancel our reservation. She says they should give us another room. RV replies that all the rooms are booked. Poorvi says she will check online at other hotels.

RV says he has already checked. Poorvi asks what to do. RV says you are going back to your old friends’ haveli? Poorvi says Dadu had booked the honeymoon with so much love. RV says it is night, so I can’t bother him.


Poorvi is asked why her face became dull because the hearing room is unavailable. Poorvi says she doesn’t want Dadi and Dadu to get hurt or think anything. Deepika asks RV to return soon. RV says we would have returned if we weren’t given a room. He says we are upgraded to a suite room from a standard room. Deepika is surprised.

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