Teri Meri Doriyaan 14th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Sahiba’s Decision and Angad’s Dilemma


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The father tells Manveer his daughter has done nothing wrong to question his upbringing. Gurleen says his daughter destroyed two relationships; along with her relationship with Angad, she defamed Veer and destroyed even Veer and Keerat’s relationship. Angad and Sahiba will resolve Veer and Keerat’s issues, Angad said.

There is nothing between them, and they are separated forever, Sahiba says, so let’s call the lawyer, Mr Kapoor, and finish the remaining formalities. The maid calls Mr Kapoor, who signs the documents after Angad asks the maid to do so. In these documents, Mr Kapoor says that it is written that they will remain together for 180 days and sort out their differences. The Sahiba says there is nothing left to resolve.

Akaal asks if there is any way to speed up this divorce; he thought their relationship was ideal, like his and Japjot’s, but they disappointed him. According to Mr. Kapoor, the judge believes the couple made a hasty decision in anger and that there are no objective reasons for divorce, so he wishes them both to stay together for 180 days and try to resolve their issues.

As far as Simran is concerned, if the judge had asked her, she would have given so many reasons that the judge would not allow them to stay together even for 180 seconds; anyway, Sahiba would have disappeared from Angad’s life after 180 days. They leave and ask her to take care of herself. Sahiba asks her parents to go.

Angad stops her and says their room is on the other side. Sahiba says she won’t stay with him. Angad asks if she’ll stay in the storeroom again. Manveer walks to them and says Sahiba will remain in servant quarters. Angad asks what she’s saying. Sahiba says she only has problems once she sees Angad.

Sahiba shifts to servant quarters. Manveer says she will ask the maid to move Sahiba’s stuff there and drag Angad. The servants discuss how they feel bad about seeing the house owner stay in servant quarters. Keerat calls Sahiba, and he walks away. As Seerat enters her room, she spikes her water, thinking Sahiba will give Angad many reasons to divorce her.

He waits for Keerat at his office. Keerat walks in. He says he thought she would not arrive, so he was about to call her again. Keerat asks why he called her. He wants to know what exactly happened without judging her. He says she didn’t do anything that would make him judge her. He tells her and Veer’s stories are contradictory. Veer was trying to commit suicide for her when she saw how much he loved her.

She shows her injury and asks if Veer loves her. He wouldn’t have done this. He asks what the photo Veer showed them is. She says Sahiba is fitting that he does not know his brother. During Veer’s molestation attempt, she was wandering senselessly on the road when Garry stopped his car and comforted her.

She was not thinking straight when she embraced Garry. Later, Sahiba arrived, and she suddenly passed out, waking up in the hospital with Sahiba and Garry next to her. This news took him aback. He kindly offers to ride her home, but she insists on going alone as her parents are upset about what happened between him and Sahiba and want nothing to do with him. He realizes he must talk with Sahiba about whether Veer did something wrong. As Angad’s betrayal resurfaces, Sahiba breaks down in tears. Someone had spiked her water, and now she’s feeling drowsy.


Angad notices Sahiba standing on a balcony railing and about to jump after she gets a delusion that a girl is calling her and asking her to play with her.

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