Ghum Hai Kisike Pyaar Mein 6th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Ghum hai kisike

Virat tells Sai that their biological son is alive and excitedly asks him where it is. Virat reveals that it is the same Vinu he and Pakhi adopted from Bal orphanage. Seeing Sai crying in happiness, Vinu wakes up and asks what they’re talking about. Sai pampers him and reveals she’s his real mother and Virat is his real father. Vinu is ecstatic hearing that. Sai and Virat embrace him.

Virat tells Pakhi that their Vinu is the son she gave birth to, he was with them all these days. Pakhi gets up and hugs Vinu. She thanks Virat for informing her about this, fate made her infertile but returned her son to her. Sai tells Pakhi that it is true that she carried Vinu for 9 months; it is also true that Vinu is her and Virat’s son. Pakhi refuses to part ways with Vinu.

Seeing Pakhi’s past mistake, Sai tells her she should leave Vinu with her. Pakhi says it’s impossible to become a mother, Sai already has Savi, so she should leave Vinu with her. Sai refuses. Pakhi asks Virat not to snatch Vinu from her. Virat sends Vinu out. Sai asks Virat to support the truth and return Vinu to her. Virat says Vinu is Sai’s son.

Virat asks her to calm down and listen to her, truth is Vinu is Sai and his son, so Sai has the right to keep him with her. Pakhi states she has suffered a lot and cannot become a mother again. Virat asks Pakhi not to commit suicide. Pakhi jumps from a window and dies. Sai is feeding food to Vinu, asking him for his mamma’s sake, when Virat wakes up worried for Pakhi.

A hungry Vinu asks Sai what happened to his mamma and why she has to visit the hospital so frequently. Sai tells him he doesn’t have to worry as his mamma won’t have to visit the hospital as often from now on. A voiceover asks Virat if he will repeat the same mistake that Sai made last time when he left the house with Vinu.

Virat says the situation between him and Sai is different, Pakhi lost her womb and is unable to conceive anymore, Sai will take Vinu away again if she learns the truth.

After calling him for a long time, Sai asks where he is lost. He says a lot of questions have come to his mind. Sai says she can understand; he should assure Pakhi that Vinu loves her dearly and will never leave her, that she is lucky to have Vinu as her son; she will not go in front of Pakhi again or else Pakhi will get upset; she is available for help.

Sai asks why Virat is saying sorry. He says he is not apologizing for Bhavani and Pakhi’s verbal abuse but for his own mistakes. She pampers Vinu and walks away. Virat believes he has to hide this truth for Pakhi’s sake. Sai tells them to let their past go and move forward.

Virat fears Sai would find out about Vinu somehow. Sai visits Bal orphanage and learns the truth.

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