Kumkum Bhagya 8th April 2023 Written Update

Akshay comes to Dadi and Shahana and gives them the medicines prescribed by the doctor, as well as an energy booster. Akshay comes home with Dadi and Shahana. Akshay asks Dadi if he can meet Prachi. Dadi agrees. Rhea tells Ranbir that she won’t go until she gets Prachi medicine. Shahana tells Dadi that she’ll give it to Prachi. Dadi stops her. Shahana says Akshay is good, and Prachi may go with him.

She says if it were serious, then I would have admitted you to the hospital. Ranbir takes the medicine and thanks her. Rhea smiles. Rhea gets upset with him when he says you act like a child sometimes. Ranbir asks if I can sleep. Rhea says I’m going and says goodnight. Prachi says good night to Akshay and thanks him for whatever he does, but she is mad at him. Akshay says good night to Prachi and says he is leaving.

He says you might feel bad if I say something and says he can do anything for you. Prachi looks uncomfortable. Akshay says a friend can do anything for another friend. Prachi says I understand your feeling. Akshay says good night and leaves. Prachi lies down to sleep. Ranbir and Prachi remember the words they exchanged. Ranbir remembers Akshay hugging Prachi while Prachi recalls Rhea hugging Ranbir after they got out of the lift. As they get restless, a song plays.

Shahana asks Dadi why Prachi isn’t understanding. Dadi says there is no place for any guy in her life. She says maybe Prachi has seen Rhea and Ranbir together. Prachi comes there, Dadi asks her to listen. She makes her sit and says, “I understand what you are going through.” We have seen them, and they looked happy. Shahana says they looked like a couple and were holding each other affectionately. Dadi says we have seen them, and they looked happy.

Shahana says I always felt that only Ranbir loved you, but Akshay loved you more. Dadi says that’s Akshay. She says that she has risked her career as Akshay proposed to her, though Ashok sir tears her resignation letter. She says that until I am there, Akshay cannot move on with someone else. Dadi asks why you want to wait for Ranbir, as he is gone, and asks how you will spend your life alone. Prachi replies, “I am fine alone.”

The vase falls down. Dadi is hurt trying to walk. She asks God to take all her pain and give her happiness. She cries. Dida says Prachi has become Akshay’s and wants to live with him, and you have stopped yourself from hurting yourself. Ranbir asks Dida to stop saying this. Dida says I was silent up until now, as I sensed Rhea and your relationship is growing, but suddenly Prachi returned.

Dida says Pallavi used to say that Prachi eats this house happiness, and now even I feel the same way. Ranbir says he needs some space to go out. As Ranbir sits in his car and drives away, he thinks of Prachi and his words in the lift. He says if the lift had crashed after a while, we would have completed our talk.

As Prachi walks along the road, she remembers Dadi’s words about her being all alone. She sits on the side of the road and thinks of Ranbir’s words and Dida’s announcement. It plays…rulake gaya ishq tera plays…Khushi walks up and keeps her hand on Prachi’s shoulder. Prachi turns and looks at Khushi who cries. Prachi hugs her and cries. She says if you do this, then what will happen to us? Dadi says that she has no regrets even if I did. She says it is Prachi’s pain that flows from my eyes.

According to Shahana, she is still in the same place where she was 6 years ago. If you cry, then I can’t have courage, she says. Despite Prachi’s overwhelming grief, Dadi says we will keep the courage and give her peace. She tells her we will not talk to her about Ranbir or Akshay. Shahana asks her not to cry. Dadi says no one will cry now. Dadi says I pray to God to grant peace to Prachi.

Khushi says she wants to scold you, but I won’t. She asks if anyone has ever scolded or hurt her. She tells her that everyone makes mistakes and asks her to forgive them. Seeing Prachi cry, Khushi asks if she is hurt or in pain. Prachi says no, but she is in pain. Khushi tells her that Juhi does something to her mother that she enjoys. Then she kisses Prachi on the forehead and asks if the pain went away. Prachi says it did, and tells her that she is like her Ansh, her Khushi.

Khushi asks what you are thinking? Prachi says nothing. Khushi sees the ice cream and says I will make you have it tomorrow since Maayi has taken the money. Ranbir stops the car on the road and thinks he hates Prachi, but he doesn’t. Prachi says that she wants it now. They go to get it.

I was unable to bear it when Akshay proposed to her. He says I can run away from everyone, but I can’t run away from Prachi. He says I need to meet someone who gives me peace.

The ice cream seller asks people to bring her daughter ice cream so that she will be happy. Ranbir asks him to bring ice cream for Khushi.

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