Udne Ki Aasha 26th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Sayali’s Struggles and Paresh’s Proposal

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Udne Ki Aasha 26th March 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

A lady’s house is empty when Sayali sees Sachin troubling her. The lady becomes angry and says Sachin is so insensitive. Sachin scolds her. He says I made this house to get rent. She says pity my kids. Sachin says no way. The director says cut… Sachin says I did well, right? The director says I did well. He leaves, saying Pakya called me for the role; thanks.

The Principal returns home. His wife says the peon has sent the maid. He says to give her extra food and money to keep her working. Sayali appears. He says, “You… You…” Sayali begs him, saying she has no option but to send Dilip back to college. He says I cannot risk the future of the students. He asks if you did not study. She says I guarantee he won’t do anything wrong again, please. She says I had to leave school due to poverty, so I understand the importance of education.

His daughter acknowledges that she is doing much for her brother, as everyone has a right to education. He expresses how fortunate Dilip is to have a sister like her and advises her to send him to college the following day. Sayali shows gratitude for this suggestion. He inquires about her occupation, to which she responds that she also runs a flower stall and food stall. He then suggests that she does not need to work there permanently, as it may be challenging, and asks her to come only until his daughter is present. Sayali agrees, and he instructs her to make sure Dilip behaves well or else he will be expelled. She assures him and thanks him once again before flashing a smile.

Sayali, working at the stall, misses Alok intensely. Shubha immediately rushes to her aid as she accidentally hurts her finger, showing compassion and concern. Advising Sayali to take care of herself, Shubha empathetically reminds her that Dilip is leaving for college. In response, Sayali encourages him to start anew and fulfil his responsibilities. Feeling emotional, Juhi sheds tears as Shubha offers them juice to calm their nerves. Determined to live happily for their late father’s sake, they all leave together.

As Paresh and Kishor watch, Sayali asks the goon to leave her. He pulls her dupatta. Kishor stops Paresh. Water splashes at Sayali. He says I’ll see who marries you, you lost your father, I’ll make your life hell here, you learn to be with me, this was just a trailer. Shubha comes and gets worried. The goon leaves. Shubha hugs Sayali. They cry. Paresh goes home and recalls everything. It’s morning, so what?

As Renu discusses Tejas’ marriage with the broker, Tejas comes. Paresh says he wants to talk about marriage. He says he has found a girl. Renu asks what. Paresh replies, “She is Alok’s daughter. I want to reform her life.” Renu asks if she will marry you. Paresh replies, “I want Tejas to marry her.”. They are shocked.

Paresh says they are helpless, try to understand, I have sworn to help them. Tejas laughs. Renu says we don’t know anything about her. Paresh says she has a flower stall outside the temple, and she has good values. They ask what. They ask what. Paresh says there’s nothing to be ashamed about. Tejas is going to be happy with her. Tejas says no. Renu says you don’t do injustice to Tejas, no way. Tejas thinks I won’t marry her. Renu argues with Paresh.

The house was given to us by my dad, otherwise we would have struggled, Tejas will marry a rich man, he will receive financial assistance. Getting Tejas educated is what I did to make him independent; you should explain this to him and tell him to do a good job. Tejas asks him to grow up. Sachin scolds him, saying he is with his father. Paresh says Renu, I always listened to you so that I won’t listen to anyone in this matter. Sayali will become the bahu of this house.


She argues with Sachin. Goons kidnap her. Sachin rescues her.

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