Pandya Store 7th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Amrish’s Heartbreaking Departure

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 7th December 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with everyone listening to Amrish’s letter and becoming emotional. Amrish questions Hetal for not standing by him and making false promises during their marriage ceremony. He expresses disappointment in her lack of concern for their relationship, despite witnessing his struggles along with Amba. He then reflects on how he implemented rules to maintain unity within the family and questions why they were broken. He appeals to them not to let their unity crumble, especially considering the impact it would have on Dhawal and Natasha. Amrish acknowledges that only one person has consistently supported him – his mother, whom he considers everything and his life.

He asks why did you do this, Maa? You should have supported my decision; I wouldn’t have broken it. You also left me, you all showed me my place, I don’t need you all, I can’t stay here, I’m leaving the house, don’t try to find me, you will never see me. I’m the thorn in your happiness and won’t stay here. In reply, Amba says, “I’ll keep my last duty, I’ve done everything for this family, I’ve signed blank papers, so I’m giving the house and family to Dhawal.

Pranali urges Bhaven to take a look; Amrish has handed the business over to Dhawal, leaving him feeling worthless. She takes the opportunity to mock him, but he interrupts her. Dhawal breaks down in tears. Amrish instructs them to serve the family and follow Natasha’s wishes to not let their household crumble. Hetal and everyone present are moved to tears. Meanwhile, Natasha is reminiscing about everything that has happened. Suman calls her and suggests something may be amiss; they should investigate further. She questions if this store is more critical than Natasha’s well-being. Chiku defends the importance of the store, explaining its sentimental value to the entire family. However, he suspects Makwana’s involvement in this current situation. Amba turns her gaze towards Dhawal.

She starts slapping him. She scolds him. She says you would be happy now, Amrish is my pride, my son, who has sacrificed for everyone, he gave it to you, so keep it, rule over this wealth. Dhawal cries. He says I don’t want any richness, and I only wish to Amrish. He cries. He calls Amrish. He asks what happened, and you got his car. Hetal asks where he is and what happened.

Amba instructed me to find him. Dhawal assured me that nothing terrible had happened and everything was under control. Hetal couldn’t hold back her tears. Amba tried to console her. Natasha, feeling upset, sat on the roadside. Suman offered to look for her. Chiku insisted that there was no need as he would take care of it. Natasha noticed a crowd gathering in the distance. Dhawal arrived at the scene. She became anxious, wondering if Chiku and Mittu were aware of her absence from the Makwana household, which could create trouble for her. Shocked by the sight of Amrish’s damaged car after an accident were Dhawal, Chirag, and Bhaven.


Natasha signs the divorce papers and throws them at Dhawal. He signs and throws them back at her.

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