Kavya 9th May 2024 Written Episode Update: Naina Reveals the Truth, and Adi is Released


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Our episode opens with Naina claiming we were blackmailed to lie and blame Adi. Adi watches. Malini says Naina will be our next witness. Sanjeev tells Rohit to get ready for jail or to delete this video. Rohit deletes the video. Kishor thanks Sanjeev for saving them. Naina says Kavya is right. I will have to live with this burden forever if I stay quiet. She tells them the truth about that night. She says Adi is innocent, and he didn’t do anything wrong with me. Adi cries.

The judge asks her to confirm her statement. She explains that Rohit is blackmailing her with a video and that someone instructed her to falsely accuse Adi, promising to handle the footage. The lawyer misleads the court. Kishor and Sanjeev arrive. Kishor offers to testify, revealing the truth. Malini asks him to name the person responsible. He identifies Amma Ji. Everyone is shocked. Badi Amma denies it, asserting that Adi is her grandson. Giriraj accuses her of orchestrating everything. Adi questions her motives, and Giriraj threatens to kill her. Kavya’s imagination ends.

It’s a call from an unknown number. Kavya sees Badi Amma. Giriraj says it’s a political conspiracy. Malini asks the judge to free Adi. The judge releases Adi of the charges. He says you can file a case against Naina. Kavya says someone might be enmity with you and Adi.

Naina is honest and nice, maybe she was helpless to do this, but she can still join me if she wants, thank you. Adi says no, I don’t want to file any case against Naina. Adi cries. Kavya and Malini hug Adi. She apologizes to Adi and thanks Kavya for saving her from Rohit. Giriraj and Malini speak to the media. He tells her to fight other’s cases as well, and my family has to serve the world. Laughing, they all dance on dhol.

They come home. Giriraj says I didn’t think I’d see this day, I’m going to make tea for my talented wife, I won’t be complete without you. Everyone smiles. Badi Amma says you couldn’t expose me. Kavya says you got saved, but how long until the truth comes out.

Adi receives the jacket and immediately goes in search of Alka. However, Santu informs him that she has already left with Omi. Curious, Adi ponders on their whereabouts. Meanwhile, Anurag binds Alka and requests her to swear on her child. Santu then instructs Kavya to wear a blindfold before coming with her. Taking advantage of the situation, Adi makes a recording for Kavya, assuring her that he will clear her name from any accusations, and expresses his love for her. As Santu leaves, Adi urges Kavya to listen to the recording while he offers her a bouquet of roses. To their shock, they hear Anurag and Alka’s conversation in the recording. This leads Kavya to suspect that Anurag is somehow involved in Omi’s death and asks Adi for his opinion on the matter.

The precap:

Kavya and Adi rush to save the baby when Anurag threatens to kill it.

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