Suhaagan 27th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Bindiya’s Determination and Krish’s Challenge


Suhaagan 27th December 2023 Written Episode Update on

It starts with the Judge asking Bindiya about her decision. When I got married, my dadi told me that a girl becomes a bride to a guy, but she maintains a relationship with all her family members, so don’t break that link. Despite being unwell, Amma knows how to love. She gets angry sometimes, but she smiles sometimes like a child, and she can’t stay without me. She says I can’t break this relationship at this time.

When she touches Baldev’s feet, she says, “I see my father in my Babu ji; he picked me up from Chirayya and gave me a diamond.” She says I need even my suhaag. Krish looks shocked. Bindiya asks how she can leave everyone now. Krish says Amma is an excuse. Bindiya says Amma is my responsibility.

Payal handled Amma better than Bindiya when she fell. Bindiya says Payal couldn’t take care of her birth relation, so how can she handle Amma? Krish says he will prove that Payal can handle Amma, and then Bindiya has to divorce me. He asks the judge for permission and asks Payal to come.

Krish asks Amma if she wants to meet a special person. Bindiya asks Krish why he is doing this. Krish asks Payal to come in front of Amma. Payal wonders why Krish wants to sacrifice her. She signs the doctor to act as Kaveri and show her a tattoo. The doctor signs the agreement and stands at the door. Krish asks Amma to meet Payal.

While removing her apron, the doctor shows her tattoo while distracting her attention with her phone. When Amma sees her, she shouts Kaveri. The doctor leaves. Amma becomes hysterical. Payal pretends to be caring for her. Bindiya gives her a soothing injection. Amma falls asleep. The Judge asks them to seek medical help for her. Krish looks upset and looks at Bindiya. He tells Baldev that he will bring the car. Payal signs Krish.

Krish requests that Vikram take them home. He asks Payal what happened. She asks him to take her home. Vikram tells Sakshi to go with Mummy and tells Indu that Krish is with Payal. Indu gets irritated. Indu says Amma sees Kaveri in any girl and asks why they are punishing her. Krish replies that it is for your safety. You have thrown me out, and Payal asks whether you will throw me out if Amma calls Sakshi or Mummy Ji as Kaveri.

Bindiya sees the guy calling Amma as Durga and goes behind him. She asks him if he knows her. He says he saw her 40/45 years ago in the court and heard her sorrowful and painful story. When Bindiya asks what happened in her past, he says he cannot tell her now. He says Durga’s story is like your life’s story. Bindiya is shocked.

They come home. Baldev makes Amma sleep. He tells Bindiya that Amma is in a deep sleep. Bindiya asks him about Amma’s past and asks what is similar to my life to hers. She asks what you are hiding from everyone. Baldev goes from there. Bindiya thinks to find out. She says Babu ji…I want to talk to you. I am busy, but I will reply once I finish my work. Baldev says he is busy.

She asks what had happened in the past. Baldev says that he doesn’t put business before family and doesn’t hide his sight. She says sorry, I don’t want to hurt you, but I want to know the truth. Baldev takes Amma’s diary and thinks you’ll get answers to your questions in this diary.

She reads Amma’s diary, in which Amma writes that Kaveri is my friend, but more than that, she is my sister. She reads that Kaveri doesn’t get happiness in anything and wants to share her share and the share of others. She recalls Payal and her childhood and thinks she must be like Payal. She reads that her husband, Manohar, helped her care for Kaveri. Krish asked Bindiya to care for Payal, and she thought my life and Amma’s were the same.


As Bindiya reads Amma’s diary, she says she will free her from Amma’s past. Krish says he is with her. Payal believes Bindiya’s plan will backfire.

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