Pukaar Dil Se Dil Tak 12th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Shocking Revelations and Tensions Rise

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Upon discovering her husband’s death, the driver realized she lived with this family without knowing it was her husband’s family who caused her husband’s death. The driver claims that he was the one who destroyed her family. As he became greedy, he apologized for doing everything, but after he stayed away from his family, he realized how difficult it was. He says she kept asking him, but he didn’t respond, unaware that Rajeshwari was tensed in the bed.

As Sagar provides Saraswathi with some water, he assures her that she will soon find Jhanvi and Yamini, Rajeshwari asks him to tell her the truth and which orders he followed, he replies that he will inform Saraswathi. Rajeshwari says Saraswathi thinks of her as her mother, so she holds her hands, and he tells her the name of the one who killed Gautham.

Saraswathi inquires if Sagar cannot stay, to which he responds that he is still persuading both her and his mother to accompany him to London. Concerned, Saraswathi expresses that he had just assured her that she would be reunited with her daughters, but if they were to arrive and not find her at home, what would happen then? Sagar rests his head on her lap as she shares how seeing him like this gives her hope, and she believes Jhanvi and Yamini will also be like him. In response, Sagar urges her to sleep as it is pretty late. As he approaches the door, he reflects on his promise but is unsure where to begin looking for Jhanvi.

When the driver says she won’t accept his word, Rajeshwari says she always thought of Gautham as her son, but he swears to his son that he did it on Digvijay’s orders. When the driver strikes a stick from behind, Rajeshwari acts as if she is stunned. Digvijay enters, claiming the driver was trying to double-cross him, and Rajeshwari announces the verdict that the driver will be killed.

Rajeshwari says that he should be killed as soon as possible when Digvijay vows to bury him alive when he orders the guards who enter the room when he questions where they are lost. Having ordered the Gardner to dig some holes where he should be buried, Rajeshwari agrees with the idea, and the driver starts pleading with them to let him go, and Digvijay asks him to do so. Upon seeing the Inspector standing in their house, Digvijay and Rajeshwari are stunned.

After asking the inspector what he’s doing here, Vedika enters and says they’re here because of her, Digvijay and Rajeshwari are stunned, Vedika tells Digvijay and Rajeshwari that she brought them here. She realizes the criminal ran away from the Inspector and informs him that she saw the person enter their house. Sagar asks what’s happening, and Rajeshwari informs Sagar of what happened.

Saraswathi goes over to Bhabhi and Rajeshwari to inquire about the current situation. Despite her concerns, Rajeshwari reassures her to focus on herself since she has been observing the Varth. Vedika overhears and begins to question if there is a thief among them. Seeing Vedika’s distress, Rajeshwari instructs Suphedra to take Saraswathi to her room for peace of mind. While Vedika turns to leave, Digvijay suddenly demands her departure. She reminds him that she was the one who brought the Inspector, but he continues scolding her nonetheless.

Digvijay wonders if he should commend her for the small favor, but Rajeshwari assures him that the girl expects no repayment. He questions whether they must resort to force, stating that he has no desire to offer thanks or accept admiration. Vedika also states that she does not owe him anything, to which Digvijay responds that she should at least acknowledge his wealth compared to hers. He warns her that even a strong string can break when faced with a storm. Reminding her of his three rules, he asks if she wants him to use his strength. She is making a mistake. He declares they cannot abandon their desires or forget about them and ultimately need the land, so Vedika should let it go.

Vedika begs him to listen to her once, explaining that their relationship is tied to the land and holds memories of her father’s childhood and her own life. However, Digvijay refuses to hear her and orders her to leave. Sagar attempts to intervene, but Digvijay storms back inside in anger. Concerned for Vedika, Sagar follows and asks if she is okay. Through tears, Vedika expresses that she is not OK but understands one thing – he would be pleased after witnessing everything firsthand. She acknowledges Sagar as a kind son for comforting her after his father’s humiliating behavior, but she is not impressed by his facade of being a good person. With that, she runs away, and Sagar worries about her well-being.

As Sagar sits alone in the room, his mind is consumed with thoughts of what he heard from the Inspector. The accused had been on trial for two decades but somehow ended up in the Maheshwari household. Curious, he searches for clues and finds a photo of the truck driver connected to the case. He can’t help but wonder why this individual would have any reason to visit their home after all these years and why a convicted criminal would choose to do so under the cover of darkness. As he ponders possible explanations, one thought keeps resurfacing – could it be an act of revenge? However, Sagar quickly dismisses this idea and starts considering other possibilities. In particular, he recalls Vedika’s constant threats to take legal action against him and begins to suspect that her presence in his life may not be a coincidence. Determined to get to the bottom of things, Sagar resolves to investigate further.

When her father asks Vedika why she argued with them at home in the morning, her mother even scolds her for saying she was very proud of her when she fought for the women. Vedika asks her mother for some fruits when her mother says Maheshwari is the strongest family in their city, so they shouldn’t fight with them.

As Rajeshwari stands in front of Sagar’s bed, he asks what she is doing here, and he replies that he is just doing some office work. Sagar is sleeping when Rajeshwari tries to take the laptop. Then, Sagar wakes up and asks what she is doing here. When Rajeshwari tells him she is making breakfast for him, Sagar asks who came to their house, and Rajeshwari wonders if Sagar has become suspicious about Dayal.


Digvijay realizes that they are going to trap Vedika in a case that she will never forget. Sagar angrily informs Vedika that he is here to offer her a job at his firm.

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