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Vedika is sitting on the seat while Koyal is playing with the balloon when she suddenly throws the string down, so Vedika catches it. She recalls the day on the bus when she lifted the balloon in the air just like that. Vedika thanks her when Koyal says most welcome, Mauri asks her what they’re going to do in Jaipur, Koyal tells her to relax, they’ll run their family business.

Koyal pulls out a string and sets it down on the bus, attempting to retrieve the phone attached to it from the person’s nearby pocket. With a quick flick, she successfully lights the string. Mauri remarks about wanting a new phone for her upcoming birthday and muses that this one might be Chinese. Koyal urges her to wait and see what she can do with it. After cracking the code, she withdraws eight thousand rupees before topping the amount to ten thousand. As they happily celebrate their small fortune, Vedika joins in, quietly praying while holding onto the string.

As Saraswati lights the Diya in the Mandir, thinking both Jhanvi and Yamini surround her, she realizes she is alone. She knows her saree, wishing them both a happy birthday, explaining that even though they separated twenty years ago, she has never forgotten their faces.

According to her, Jhanvi was intelligent and strong-willed, while Yamini was playful, so her home is not the same without them; everyone says that if the daughters’ fate was with her, why would they separate? According to her, their mother gets a new hope on her daughter’s birthday, and she feels so close to them that she can feel them hug her when she raises her hand.

Vedika’s parents are joyously celebrating her birthday as she thanks them and asks if she can blow out the candles. However, her brother points out a mistake on the cake. Vedika then reflects that she doesn’t even know her actual birth date but is grateful to her parents for giving her a new life and wonders why they left her in the first place. Her mother, Saraswati, proclaims that this ends their struggles as both daughters reunite with her. Despite everything, Vedika doesn’t want to dampen the mood and chooses to celebrate this day with her loving parents.

Today is Gautham’s death anniversary, so Rajeshwari comes to Saraswati and tells her she is unfortunate. Still, Saraswati responds that she has new hope today since it is also his daughter’s birthday and death anniversary. When Vedika celebrates her birthday with the children, her mother tells them they didn’t try to find her parents and left the city. The father says they had no other option at the time and had to save her life, but they managed to do so.

Rajeshwari beckons Kamal over, reminding him that Saraswati had once again forgotten. Saraswati remains silent as he takes out the Sindoor and applies it to her Mang. Rajeshwari expresses her frustration, wondering how long Saraswati will continue to see their relationship as unwanted. After apologizing, Saraswati leaves. Rajeshwari reflects on the past twenty years when she has constantly shed tears but remained grateful that she prevented Saraswati from living the life of a widow by marrying her to Kamal. Supatra chimes in, noting that certain wounds never fully heal with time. Just as Rajeshwari is about to fall, Supatra comes to her aid. Despite their efforts, things remain unchanged, and Rajeshwari wonders why Saraswati cannot accept it after twenty years of not finding her missing daughter. With that thought in mind, Supatra leaves when called for by someone else.

When Rajeshwari gets a call from Sagar, she smiles and answers it. Sagar asks why he didn’t call when she was so ill. Rajeshwari begins performing the pooja and tells Sagar that she is taking medicines but is not well. Sagar says he is going straight to her after the airport. Rajeshwari responds that she actually wants to see him and what if she dies. Sagar says he has returned to India.

Saraswati inquires about Maa’s honesty towards Sagar during the pooja, to which Rajeshwari responds that Maheshwari Masala has successfully established itself among the top thirty businesses in India. She knows Sagar’s plans to study abroad after pursuing law and how he will eventually have to take over the family business. Rajeshwari also mentions that Saraswati must eagerly anticipate his return. She recalls her unsuccessful attempt to arrange a marriage between Sagar and Jhanvi, but fate had other plans, and they could do nothing about it. This information causes Saraswati to become emotional.

As Sagar strolls out of the airport, he glances at his watch and wonders why the driver isn’t there yet. Spotting a balloon, memories of giving them to Jhanvi flood back. The vendor approaches, accusing Sagar of causing a loss. Without hesitation, Sagar offers to pay for it, prompting the person to question his generosity. Sagar apologizes and insists on compensating for any inconvenience caused. The driver greets him but declines his offer to drive and takes over himself. Despite the driver’s initial objections, he eventually settles into the passenger seat.

While driving towards the house, Sagar wonders if he will ever see Jhanvi again in this life since today is her birthday. One of the children said she had forgotten her birthday, so he wrote a thank you card. Vedika asks if he thinks she doesn’t have a good memory, and she runs after him when he says he’ll give her chocolate, but Vedika replies he knows she’s not a chocolate fan.

While walking on the footpath with Mauri, Koyal enjoys the chocolate. She says she wants to eat a lot but cannot gain weight. Mauri suggests they celebrate this day in a five-star hotel. In response to Koyal’s question about how they can eat with just ten thousand, Mauri reveals the plan.

Rajeshwari chuckles with Saraswati before suggesting that she take a break. She believes Saraswati still enjoys teasing them, and Digvijay seeks her blessing but questions why she didn’t let Saraswati leave the house. Rajeshwari responds by explaining that if she had allowed Saraswati to leave, her desire for revenge would have resurfaced. She chose to keep her in the house – to prevent potential harm to their family.

As Sagar talks to his mother, he assures her nothing will happen to Dadi. Suaptra informs Rajeshwari of how Sagar appeared worried when she thought Rajeshwari Neiti would work for her. Pandit Ji says that they have been searching for the bodies of the daughters for twenty years but have not been able to find them. Rajeshwari tells him he should tell her when they can give the business to Sagar.

The daughter, Rajeshwari, said she was discussing the same thing with him. Pandit Ji mentions that Sagar will cause the daughters to meet at Saraswati, which will undoubtedly happen. Vedika is running when her dupatta falls from her neck and gets stuck in Sagar’s windshield; he becomes angry. Vedika keeps running after the child while Koyal stands, and Mauri signals her to start the act.


She says she has been coming here for twenty years, so he should arrange her meeting with the daughters. Vedika says she does not know who made the prayer, but that person’s prayers should indeed be fulfilled. Saraswati is about to fall when Vedika and Koyal help her, and she remembers how she felt when she found her daughters. Saraswati then performs the pooja with Koyal and Vedika.

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