Pukaar Dil Se Dil Tak 11th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Shocking Revelations and Confrontations

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It was he who ruined her family after her husband died when he discovered that she was living with this family without knowing that this family was the cause of her husband’s death. As he got greedy, he apologized for doing it all, but once he stayed away from his family for a while, he realized how difficult it was. He says she kept asking him repeatedly, but he did not respond. He is unaware that Rajeshwari is tense in the bed.

When Sagar is giving Saraswathi some water, he reassures her that she will be able to find Jhanvi and Yamini soon. Rajeshwari says she wants the truth and that he should tell her who ordered him to do so. The driver replies that he will inform Saraswathi. Rajeshwari exclaims that Saraswathi sees her as her mother because she holds her hands, so he tells her the name of the one who killed Gautham.

Saraswathi inquired if Sagar could stay. He responds that he still persuades her and his mother to accompany him to London. Saraswathi expresses concern, stating that he just mentioned they would be reunited with their daughters, but what will happen if they arrive and do not find her at home? Sagar then rests on her lap as she observes his peaceful form, making her feel hopeful that Jhanvi and Yamini will also resemble him. Sagar advises her to sleep as it is pretty late. As he walks towards the door, he contemplates his promise but is unsure where to begin looking for Jhanvi, wondering where she could be.

Rajeshwari expressed deep affection for Gautham, considering him as her son. However, when the driver insisted she wouldn’t believe his testimony, he swore on his son’s name, confessing that he acted under Digvijay’s orders. Rajeshwari feigned shock at this revelation until someone suddenly struck the driver from behind with a stick. Digvijay stormed into the room in a dramatic turn, accusing the driver of attempting to betray him. Rajeshwari, now determined, declared the driver’s fate, announcing that he would face execution. Digvijay promptly commanded the guards to take action, questioning their delay. Rajeshwari emphasized the urgency of the situation, urging for the driver’s swift demise, while Digvijay ominously vowed to bury him alive.

Rajeshwari is on board with the idea, mentioning that she has instructed the Gardner to dig some holes in that area. The driver pleads with them to release him, explicitly appealing to Digvijay. Digvijay and Rajeshwari are taken aback when they see the Inspector at their door. Digvijay asks why he’s there, while Vedika enters and reveals it was because of her. She then recalls seeing the criminal, chased by the Inspector, entering their house.

Sagar comes here asking what is going on here, Sagar inquires what has happened when Rajeshwari informs him that a thief entered the house, and Saraswathi comes when she asks Bhabhi what is happening here, as well as asking Rajeshwari who has come. Because today she had kept the Varth, she tells Saraswathi not to be worried and to take care of herself. Vedika wonders if the person is here to steal, and Rajeshwari asks Suphedra to take Saraswathi to her room. Saraswathi replies that she heard the voices.

When Digvijay orders Vedika to leave, she reminds him that she is the one who brought the Inspector to their house. However, he continues to scold her. Rajeshwari interjects, saying that Vedika did not expect any reward for her action. Digvijay then questions whether they have to do everything by force. He reassures them that he does not need to thank anyone and will not accept gratitude from Vedika. Vedika responds, stating that she is not in debt to him either. Digvijay retorts that she should at least accept his respect, as he is much wealthier than her. He uses a metaphor, comparing facing a storm to needing land, and emphasizes his three rules. Acknowledging that desperation can lead one down a destructive path, he warns her against making a mistake. Ultimately, they both want the land and cannot simply walk away from it, so Vedika should leave peacefully.

Vedika begs him to listen to her just this once. She explains how their relations are intricately tied to the land and how it holds memories of her father’s childhood and her own life. However, Digvijay remains firm in his decision not to hear her out and orders her to leave. Sagar tries to intervene, but Digvijay angrily retreats inside. Concerned for Vedika’s well-being, Sagar follows her inside and asks if she is okay. Vedika can only cry as she admits that she is not OK, but one thing is clear – he must feel happy now that he has witnessed everything himself. She praises Sagar for being a good son who came to console her after his father humiliated her. However, she is unimpressed by his performance of being a kind person and runs away. This leaves Sagar worried about Vedika’s emotional state.

Sagar, pondering in the room, reflects on the Inspector’s revelation that the criminal had been on trial for twenty years before visiting the Maheshwari household. He begins to search for the photo of the truck driver and the case mentioned by the inspector, and he questions why a convicted individual and truck driver would come to their house in the dead of night. As he contemplates potential motives, Sagar recalls Vedika’s threats to take legal action against him and considers whether her presence at their house is merely a coincidence or something more sinister at play. He knows he must uncover the truth.

Vedika is serving in their house when her father asks why they argued with them. Her mother even scolds her when Vedika says that she was very proud of her when she fought for the women. The mother says Maheshwari is the strongest family in their city, and they should not fight them. Vedika asks for some fruit from her mother.

Sagar is sleeping when Rajeshwari stands in front of his bed and tries to take the laptop. Then Sagar wakes up and asks what she is doing here. Since he doesn’t attend the office, what’s he doing there? He replies that he does some office work. As Rajeshwari prepares breakfast for him, Sagar asks who came to their house; Rajeshwari wonders whether Sagar has become suspicious of Dayal.


Digvijay believes they will trap Vedika in a case that she will never forget, Sagar angrily tells Vedika he is here to offer her a job at his company, Vedika and Koyal are stunned.

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