Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 24th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 24th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode commences with Vandana expressing her determination to save Tara and assuring her that she will do whatever it takes. Upon entering the house, “Yoddha bangai mai…” plays in the background. Sonia realizes they forgot a file at home, and Inder asks what they should do. Sonia quickly suggests picking it up themselves. As they make a U-turn, Vandana spots Tara with the caretaker and becomes emotional. To create a distraction, she throws a vase, which prompts the lady to step out of the room and lock the door behind her. Now left outside, Vandana contemplates how to enter and eventually knocks on the door while gently calling out to Tara. Using her saree cloth, she signals Tara, who soon recognizes her mother’s voice and rushes towards the door, exclaiming, “Vandana Maa!”

Inder asks Sonia to relax. She says I feel strange. He says relax. Tara says Mumma picked me up and lied to me that Dadi was sick, and Dad sent her to take me home. I’m sorry, Mumma cheated me, she’s an evil woman, please take me home, Maa. Don’t cry, be strong, I promise to take you home. Tara says pinky promise. Vandana says yes, promising not to make noise. She hides from the lady.

Attempting to unlock the door with a hairpin, Vandana is interrupted by Sonia and Inder’s return. Meanwhile, Kunal tumbles on the road. Finally making it inside, Vandana embraces Tara, who fears she has left. The commotion catches the attention of passersby, who notice Kunal on the ground. Upon entering, Sonia and Inder discover that Tara is missing. Desperate for answers, Sonia calls out for her while Inder insists she couldn’t have gone far. Seeking assistance, they question a nearby lady about Tara’s whereabouts but harshly demand her to search for the girl.

Sonia informs Tara that she can seek refuge with Kunal and Vandana. Upon hearing a ringing phone, Inder announces the presence of someone in the room. Concealed in the cupboard, Vandana and Tara are discovered by Inder, who greets them with a smile. Accusing Tara of playing a game, he insists she come out. Sonia interjects fiercely while Vandana asserts her maternal rights over Tara. In contrast, Sonia claims Tara is her daughter and plans to take her to London. An argument among the adults is witnessed by Vedika, who Bobby later informs of Sonia’s actions. Pammi expresses concern for Tara’s safety and criticizes Sonia for her foolish kidnapping attempt, much to Vedika’s indignation.

Vandana will protect Tara, Vedika says. Inder says I want my Sonia. Leave my way, Vandana says no. Inder and Sonia snatch Tara from Vandana. Tara says Mumma, you are terrible. I want to go to Vandana. Sonia thinks you’ll like your friends in London. Tara says you’ll send me to the hostel. Rishta tera mera…plays… Vandana and Tara cry.


Kunal beats Inder. Sonia says she is going back to London with Tara. Kunal calls the police, and they are arrested.

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