Main Hoon Saath Tere 24th May 2024 Written Episode Update

Main Hoon Saath Tere

Main Hoon Saath Tere 24th May 2024 Written Episode Update on

The attendant reassures Janvi, saying another registrar is available and they can proceed immediately. Janvi tells the attendant that there was a couple before them and asks if they can let them get married first. In the registrar’s office, Janvi fills out the form and signs it. Janvi pretends to argue with Aryaman. They are told to step aside before deciding and speak about it with the attendant.

Upon entering the file room, Aryaman notices the attendant watching them, so he flirts with Janvi, who plays along. Janvi requests more time when the attendant asks if they have resolved their argument. Her next move is to tell Aryaman they are in the file room and to look for the file they need.

Meanwhile, Kian locks the door. Pushkar notices Janvi hasn’t returned home after her shift, and Kian is alone. He calls Abhay, but Raina answers. Pushkar informs Raina that Janvi is still not home. Raina decides to contact child welfare services to prove Janvi is an irresponsible mother and instructs Pushkar on what to do. Reva overhears and warns Janvi.

The attendant sees Janvi and Aryaman approaching and locks the room. Aryaman suggests they can now calmly search for the file. The attendant assumes they left without resolving their issues. Aryaman tells Janvi to stop complaining and reveals that Kian once proposed to her marriage, but he rejected it. Janvi blames Aryaman for locking her in the file room and nearly getting married.

In response to Aryaman’s question, Janvi explains that every potential match asks her to separate from Kian, which she cannot do. She warns Aryaman to stay away from Kian, as leaving him would hurt him deeply. Aryaman remains silent. As Janvi tries to retrieve files from a cabinet, he nearly falls, but Aryaman catches her and gets injured. After applying a band-aid to his head, Janvi leaves him alone.

Reva tells Dadi about Pushkar’s plan against Janvi and tries to call her, but Pushkar stops her. Janvi finds nine missed calls and a message that Pushkar has contacted child welfare services. She searches for an exit. Aryaman says everyone has left the court, and it won’t be possible to leave until tomorrow. In fear that child welfare services will take Kian away from her, Janvi insists she must leave immediately.

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