Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 20th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Vandana Confronts Pammi

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 20th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

She asks Pammi to leave the house. Pammi shouts no. She imagines that. Vandana scolds Pammi for pushing Vaani toward the fire. Guneet comes and asks what happened and what you did wrong that you are tense. Pammi worries. Vandana asks if there is anything I should know. Pammi says no, show me the video. She checks and thinks I was saved. Vandana says we need to inform the doctor about Vaani’s behavior.

She told me I didn’t pay attention and that I was chatting with my friends on social media. Vandana leaves. She wishes Vaani and Mrunal would leave, too, so that I would be saved. Everyone prays. Pammi asks Bobby where he went with Mrunal. Bobby says Mrunal had some time. Kunal asks why she couldn’t go alone. You didn’t do the work; your attention is on useless things. Tara asks Kunal to pray. Kunal says sorry.

Vaani recalls Kunal’s words and leaves. Vandana looks for Vaani. They all look for Vaani. Vandana asks if she left, thinking her son hates her. The aarti plate falls. Vedika prays.

The group frantically searches for Vaani while Vandana encourages Vedika to stay strong. Pammi expresses her hope that Vaani will not return. They all inquire about Vaani’s whereabouts from the locals. Guneet then questions if someone else is involved in this situation as well. Pammi reveals that Sonia was responsible and speculates that Vaani left because she couldn’t handle Kunal’s animosity. He reassures her that he knows she is not as innocent as she pretends to be. Just then, Vedika calls him and asks if they found Vaani yet. Pammi interrupts and inquires about the call. He informs them that they haven’t found Vaani yet but will ask his police friend for help and tells Pammi not to panic if she isn’t involved in anything shady. He leaves, while Pammi calls Kuldeep and informs him about everything.

Vandana receives a call that leaves her in shock. She quickly makes her way to Kunal, who is reminded of Vaani. Vandana suggests seeking assistance from Guneet’s friend, as they may have updates on Vaani’s whereabouts. However, Kunal suggests going to the police station instead. In response, Vandana expresses her concern that Vaani may have been involved in an accident. Overcome with emotion, Kunal breaks down in tears. Meanwhile, Bobby spots Mrunal heading towards a maternity clinic and wonders why she left the house. He hurries after her and asks why she is at the clinic when everyone is searching for Vaani. Mrunal responds that she knows about the search but has come to the clinic for a specific reason. Bobby urges her to wait and talk with Vandana first before proceeding.

My baby is my baby, and I am not ready for this responsibility. If I had married, the situation would have been different. No one would have been willing to accept my baby, and I would not have been supported. She asks if you will marry me and give me your name in my child and if you will support me. He is shocked. She says you are different. Why would anyone accept my baby if you refused? She leaves.

Vandana, Vedika, and Kunal arrive at the accident site and see the dead person. Vandana checks the dead person and says she isn’t the one we seek. Vaani then enters Vandana’s house and sees Vijay’s pictures.

Atya turns and sees her. She calls Vandana. Vandana says we’ve got her. Kunal asks where she is. They leave. Bobby gets Pammi’s call. Pammi asks what’s going on. When Vandana gets home, Kunal and Vedika run to see Vaani. When Vaani asks about Vijay, Vandana says he’s my father, Vijay Karmarkar. They are relieved to see her okay.


Vaani sings a song. Vandana says it’s my dad’s song. Vandana continues to sing. Kunal watches. She asks how you know this song.

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