Anupama 21st February 2024 Written Episode Update: Shruti Leaves and Aadhya’s Emotional Turmoil

Anupama written update

Anupama 21st February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shruti asks Anuj, why don’t we stay as friends as you did? Shruti says she’d have stayed if we were just friends, but what about the feelings and emotions? Aadhya arrives and inquires about what’s going on. Shruti says she’s leaving the house. Aadhya asks if she’s leaving for Anupama. In her words, she tells her that she is her only mother and has been caring for her for four years.

Anuj agrees with Aadhya’s statement that you have become essential to our lives. Shruti then addresses him as Anuj and informs him that she needs to leave. Aadhya wonders how their relationship has deteriorated and pleads for Shruti to stay. Anuj requests Shruti to reconsider, especially for Aadhya’s sake. However, Shruti expresses her disappointment in not receiving enough support and love from Anuj and asks for a complete separation. She assures Aadhya of her unwavering love and willingness to assist her whenever needed, but she can no longer stay here. With tears in her eyes, Aadhya bids farewell to Shruti.

Shruti leaves the room. She remembers Anupama’s words. Anupama feels restless, but Shruti cannot leave. She finds Anupama, Anuj, and Choti’s photo under the other frame. She thinks Anupama has always been between her and us.

Shruti tells him the heroine will return, but he is never his heroine. She says bye and leaves. Aadhya hugs Anuj and cries. Shruti leaves. Anupama cries.

Anuj calls out to Aadhya, asking her to join him. Aadhya responds by mentioning the rift between them caused by his actions. He then reminds her that everyone has their place in this situation. Anuj explains how he opened up to Shruti about his feelings for Anu. However, Aadhya expresses her disappointment and accuses him of breaking his promise to her. She declares that she will now stand firm in her decision and demands Shruti’s return, believing that only then will their lives be complete. She firmly states that Anupama will no longer be a part of their lives. Hurt and angry, she storms into the room and begins destroying things.

Dimpy is thinking about Titu. Vanraj looks at Dimpy and thinks they’re hiding something from him. He thinks to talk to Babu ji. Titu sends a message to her. She replies. Titu stands outside and says he won’t let her back off. Dimpy cleans the house. Pakhi stares at her angrily. Aadhya cries in her room and says she wants Shruti.

When Vanraj calls everyone, he is talking to someone on the phone. Baa and Babu ji ask why he called us. Vanraj asks them to go to America with him. Anupama visits Kinjal’s house and asks why he called me suddenly. Kinjal informs Anuj ji that Toshu has been offered a job.


He informs Anupama that Aadhya is missing. Vanraj asks Babu ji to go to America with him. Aadhya is sitting on a bench when a goon attacks her. Aadhya shouts Mummy. Anupama comes there and beats the guy, asking how dare he come near her daughter. She hugs her, crying.

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