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In Spice and Chutney’s restaurant, a woman is enjoying chole bature. She exclaims that it is like paradise and confesses that she would happily walk 10,000 extra steps to indulge in this dish. The head chef, Vikram, inquires if Anupama could kindly serve this regular customer at the nearby table. Anupama agrees and heads to the woman, addressing her as “Madam.” However, the woman kindly corrects her, stating that she prefers to be called Shruti instead of “Maam.” After receiving her order and noticing the accompaniment of pickles on her plate, she compliments Anupama on being an excellent homemaker. She reminisces about how her mother used to serve food with such care.

During their conversation, Anupama and Shruti discussed mothers’ profound love for their children. Shruti spontaneously took a photo of Anupama without her consent as they were chatting. She explained that she captures moments that touch her heart and evoke a feeling of warmth. Although initially surprised by the unexpected click, Anupama assured her it was not a problem. Observing the photo, Shruti shared her belief that sometimes pictures can convey emotions more than words can. Curiously, Anupama asked what her photo revealed about her. Shruti kindly pointed out how Anupama’s sparkling eyes reflect her optimistic nature, yet there also seems to be some pain and solitude. Nevertheless, her captivating smile indicates that she is moving forward and trying to heal from any hurt she may have experienced. Inquiring if her interpretation was accurate, Shruti asked for confirmation from Anupama.

Anupama advises her not to be upset and refrain from shaking her foot or using her phone while eating. It is essential to focus on our food to nourish our bodies and not disrespect it. Apologizing, Shruti admits that this is the first time anyone has corrected her for such behavior. Curious, she asks for Anupama’s name, but before she can answer, Shruti receives a call. She promises Anupama that she will not answer the next time during a meal. She then gets another call and goes outside to meet Anuj, enthusiastically greeting him as the two exchange pleasantries. They sit in the car together while Anupama watches them curiously without recognizing Anuj.

As they drive, Shruti turns to Anuj and asks about Aadhya. Anuj responds with a simple “yes.” Shruti then mentions seeing Aadhya’s apology on social media. Anuj explains that this generation also tags their location when posting. He urges her to understand the importance of privacy. Shruti acknowledges that social media is a crucial part of our lives, and some families rely on it for income. Anuj agrees but stresses the need for boundaries. Shruti agrees and plans to talk to Aadhya when she returns. She then asks if any girls have been messaging him, cautioning that their words could be potentially harmful.

Anuj reveals that the show stopper, whom he refers to as an idiot, failed to show up. As a result, I had to walk as the show stopper. Anuj also mentioned how he walked on the ramp in college. My friend suggests that I should have pursued modeling instead and implies that I wouldn’t be an angry bird now if I had done so. She then discusses a serious topic, asking when we will get married. This reminded me that we have been living together for four days now with Aadhya, and she considers us a family. She reminds me of my previous statement about marrying once Aadhya agrees and admits she is curious about our plans. Anuj argues by saying that our engagement was mainly due to Aadhya and myself and questions the rush. Shruti firmly states her right to know when she will officially become Shruti Anuj Kapadia.

Anupama is busy in the kitchen when the boss arrives to inspect her progress. He plucks a flower from the stove, and Anupama quickly informs him that it’s for puja. He compliments her work and then offers her a position as a cleaner. Grateful, she shares that she has nowhere to stay and asks if she can rent a space here. The boss agrees but reminds her not to take anything without permission. Anupama agrees and thanks him. As Vikram prepares to leave, he instructs Anupama to call if she needs anything and reminds her of the nearby food. With everything settled, they all depart from the kitchen.

Anupama thinks she will make her sky. She checks the food and says it is the first proper food. She says she will make it unique. When I was on that side of the mirror, she said you had covered the journey, well done, Anupama. As she glances at the couples walking on the street, she smiles, thinking of Anuj. Dil hai ke Maanta Nahi plays…

As Anuj sits in his house, he reflects on Shruti’s words. Suddenly, she calls and informs him that her bag was mistakenly swapped with someone at the spice and chutney restaurant. He suggests checking the tag for a name, but Shruti reveals it is illegible. Upon opening the bag, Anupama realizes it belongs to someone else. As Anuj gazes at the saree, memories of Anupama flood back to him. Spotting masala inside, Shruti remarks on the peculiar habits of Indians. Just as she goes to examine a photo frame, Anuj stops her, reminding her not to invade others’ personal belongings. Closing the bag, Shruti notices an apology from Anupama to Kanha ji and discovers her name written in a diary, indicating missing items.


It was hopeless yesterday, but now I have work and a roof over my head. Anuj asks Choti to be careful because the noodles are hot. Choti shouts, asking him not to call her by this name.

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