Shiv Shakti (Zee) 30th September 2023 Written Episode: Shiv Saves Rimjhim, Shakti Worries About Ranjan’s Threat

Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 30th September 2023 Written Episode Update on

She is waiting for Shiv to give the juice to Manorama. Shakti and Shiv bring Rimjhim there. Rimjhim and Ranjan sit together. Rimjhim gets her mehndi applied. Nandu sees Shiv and brings him lado. Mandira comes there and sees that. Nandu asks Shiv to eat it. He eats it but Shakti trips, so Shiv goes to hold her before she can get injured. A pillar is about to fall on Rimjhim, but Shiv and Shakti save her. She nods when Shakti asks if she’s okay.

Shakti gazes at Shiv with affection while Rimjhim expresses her gratitude. Shiv reassures them that everything is fine and suggests they dance. The music starts, and Shiv joins in, swaying to the beat. Rimjhim compliments Shakti on choosing a caring partner who loves her and takes care of her family. She advises Shakti not to let go of this love if it is being reciprocated. Shakti beams at Shiv, clearly happy with their relationship.

She explains that Nandu will be blamed for executing Padma’s scheme to harm Shiv. Mandira vows to conquer all her adversaries, plotting their downfall. Once Shiv’s truth is revealed, Shakti and her kin will flee from him. Tasking him to chop onions, Nandu is bewildered. Dharam whisks Shakti away, igniting a dance celebration. Amidst the revelry, Shiv joins Shakti on the dance floor. Ranjan intrudes, seizing Shakti’s hand, but she swiftly withdraws. Threateningly, Ranjan asserts his control, attempting to touch Shakti, only to be met with Shiv’s menacing glare.

Shiv says I am sorry. I didn’t see it. Ranjan says I’m sorry. He starts dancing with him and kicks him. He whispers to him to stay away from her or else I can beat you up. Ranjan says sorry, Sir, and runs away. Shiv asks Shakti if she is okay. Shakti says my bodyguard is here, so why am I not okay? I think Ranjan was hiding something, and Shiv says you’re right. Even though he never called you that, she’s right.

Shakti mentioned a possible connection and avoided Raghunath, indicating a potential link to your family. You may want to discuss this with your father. They both search for him. Nandu approaches Manorama, asking for Shiv, who needs juice. She takes it and goes to locate him. Mandira urges Keertan to chop the onions to appear caring towards Shiv. He questions the contents of the box, and she reveals everything. He worries about the potential impact on our reputation, but Mandira suggests sacrificing Nandu for this cause instead.

As Shiv approaches Raghunath, Manorama quickly intervenes. Meanwhile, Ranjan pulls Shakti aside and asks if she wants Mehndi done for his name. She responds by saying she will ask Shiv first. Ranjan then remarks that not even her aunt trusts her. He mentions their upcoming marriage and how she will soon be his sister-in-law. As he moves closer, he reminds her that Shiv won’t be around to save her this time, as he needs to save himself. Shakti is left feeling confused. Ranjan smirked and taunted her about what she could do now. Shakti is ready to attack him, but he confidently replies that he can wait until tomorrow before leaving the scene. Meanwhile, Shakti’s worries linger about Shiv’s safety. On the other hand, Manorama offers a glass of juice to Shiv, who is about to drink it when Ranjan secretly watches from a distance.

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