Pandya Store 14th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update: Natasha and Dhawal’s Confrontation Unfolds

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 14th October 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with Chiku taking charge, asserting that they will quickly arrange the injection as instructed by the doctor. Feeling frustrated, Amrish turns to Bhaven, questioning his actions when allowed to take responsibility. With emotions running high, Amrish reveals bruises on his back, triggering memories from their childhood. Flashbacks remind Bhaven of Amrish’s relentless efforts, tireless work, and enduring hardships to provide for them. Despite Amrish’s generosity, Bhaven’s actions betray his trust as he steals food and returns to Amrish, claiming to be pursued by unknown individuals.

Amrish says you should not have stolen the food. The men come and beat up Amrish. Amba and her sons watch. She feels helpless and cries. Amrish says Amrish, forget about the old things. He says Bhaven has hurt me a lot, and I don’t know how to give him family responsibilities. Dhawal arrives. Amba says Chiku is Natasha’s brother, he has fought with everyone, where have you been. Dhawal says I had gone to the hospital, Suman’s critical. She asked why I went to the hospital. He thinks I should have been there.

He requests Amrish to contact the doctor from Mumbai and arrange for the injection. He informs Amrish that Natasha is feeling anxious. Amba points out that Natasha has wronged them by leaving Dhawal, causing him to cry to her Dadi. Dhawal counters, saying he is still connected to Natasha’s family through marriage and, therefore, has a sense of responsibility towards them. Amba questions how Dhawal could consider himself a part of Natasha’s family. Dhawal explains that his marital ties make him a member of her family, and he feels accountable for their well-being. Amba dismisses his explanation, stating they have wronged Natasha by breaking her trust and hurting her emotionally. Despite this, Dhawal acknowledges their role in causing the situation and admits their wrongdoing, although they may try to deny it.

He says we have cheated them to get the Pandya store, and he asks Hetal and Pranali to say something. Natasha gives medicine money to Chiku. Chiku says I don’t give me money; I want your support. Suman is also my Dadi. She says sorry, I gave money to Shesh and Mittu when they wanted anything. He says don’t worry, everything will work out. Amrish calls someone. Dhawal smiles.

Chiku confirms that you and Natasha have the food, but she mentions that neither has eaten. The doctor arrives with good news – the medicine has been found, and a specialist from Mumbai is on their way to help Suman recover. Natasha expresses her gratitude with a smile. Amrish acknowledges that others may see him as an emotional fool for helping those who have insulted him, but he feels compelled to do so for his relationships. Natasha takes this opportunity to express her thanks as well. The doctor reminds them that Suman is fortunate to have such dedicated care, which brings tears to her eyes. Chiku and Shesh embrace her in support as yaadon ki baraat…plays in the background.

Amrish inquires, “Have you seen Dhawal? He has been quite rebellious lately. He even accused me earlier.” Later, Natasha is asleep at the hospital, and Dhawal arrives. As she wakes up and sees him, he decides to take her away. Amrish shares, “He admitted that I was wrong. I can handle anything, but I cannot bear to see my brothers drift apart. That’s why I urgently requested the doctor for a family emergency. I cannot imagine losing Dhawal. My brothers give me strength, and I am comfortable opening up to you.” Meanwhile, Natasha tells Dhawal to leave while he pleads for her to listen first. She dismisses him, saying she wants nothing to do with deceivers.

He insists that you must heed my words. A disagreement ensues between them. He inquires, do you truly love me? She halts in her tracks. Amrish says he cannot bear to see Dhawal upset and distance himself from him; he loves him deeply. As tears stream down Amba’s face, Hetal also sheds tears for her family and embraces her mother’s photograph. Amrish arrives and asks if she hasn’t slept yet. During their conversation, the photo accidentally falls to the ground. Quickly picking it up, he mentions that it was lost. She gives an excuse in response. Dhawal shares that he had expected their love to blossom after marriage, asking if she also loves him. He had envisioned owning Pandya Store while she aimed to sell it and pursue an MBA in Ahmedabad, hoping to secure a space in a mall and financial stability.

Mittu and Shesh’s future would have been secured, and my intention wasn’t wrong. Natasha says you should have told me everything before marriage. I’d have married you if you had felt that way, but you were wrong. Dhawal says trust me. Trust? Does she ask for trust? I’ve been cheated, and I can’t come back to you. I know you still want the Pandya store. Our relationship is over; don’t think about it.


Suman sees Dhawal and his family. She asks Natasha if everything is okay and if Dhawal cheated on her.

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