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Pandya Store

Pandya Store 26th October 2023 Written Episode Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Chirag requests to stay with Dolly due to a potential snake problem. Amrish advises them to shut the windows and leave. Dolly is grateful to Amba for Natasha’s kindness in feeding her pizza. Amba and Dhawal are surprised by this news. Chirag also thanks Natasha for rescuing Dolly. Meanwhile, a girl exits the bus, and a guy follows her. She accidentally bumps into Chiku and drops some photos. While retrieving them, Chiku catches a glimpse of her. Natasha explained that she ordered pizza for Dolly since she was feeling unwell and without a chef. This gesture convinces Amba, and he agrees with Natasha’s decision. Dolly and Chirag show their appreciation towards Amba for allowing Natasha’s help.

Afterward, Ambasha and everyone leaves. Dhawal thanked Natasha for her support. They leave. Chirag hugs Dolly. Chiku doesn’t see the picture of the Makhwana brothers. The girl takes it. In the picture, he asks whether you are okay. She says yes. He asks if anyone follows you. She says no, thanks. She hires an auto for the Makhwana house. He wonders if he heard it correctly.

Natasha received a call from Suman and apologized for missing her previous call, which was quite busy. Suman brings up the topic of an upcoming puja that Natasha had not mentioned to her. Natasha explained that the thought hadn’t crossed her mind and had not received an invitation. Suman wonders if there is any tension between Natasha and Dhawal, to which Natasha clarifies that they had a slight misunderstanding, which has now been resolved. She then reveals that Suman was not invited due to her recent illness. Concerned, Suman asks if they have prevented Natasha from managing the store. However, Natasha avoids the question and ends the call with an excuse. Suman remarks on how Natasha has become skilled at making excuses and can easily detect when she is lying. She also worries about their relationship being affected by this incident. Meanwhile, Natasha notices a dress, and Dhawal informs her that Hetal sent it specifically for her to wear.

As he reminisces about purchasing the dress, she expresses her gratitude. However, their conversation turns into a heated argument. Amba’s attention is diverted when she spots an old photo album and becomes emotional. Shortly after, a young girl arrives home with the auto driver and listens to the melancholy song playing in the background. Chabeli notices her tears and questions her about them, to which she responds by giving money to the driver. She then catches sight of Amrish and worries that history might repeat itself as it did four years ago when they insulted and kicked her out. Determined not to let that happen again, she sends the driver towards the hotel, pretending it is their destination. Amba senses something amiss as she leaves and rushes to check on it but finds no one there. Disheartened, she sheds tears while Natasha wonders if Hetal has bought a new dress for her. When Hetal denies it, Natasha feels dejected, but Hetal apologizes for not getting her a new dress. Later, everyone gathers for a religious ritual where Golu carelessly grabs the plate meant for the ritual and drops it, causing Amba to worry about potential bad omens.

Dolly apologizes to Matarani and offers a prayer. She then mentions that she must change her outfit due to a stain. Natasha interrupts, informing them that Hetal’s brother is trying to reach her. However, Hetal insists on not answering the call. Despite Natasha’s suggestion that it may be urgent, Hetal chooses not to take the call and expresses her frustration towards her family. The brother reveals their mother’s illness and requests for Hetal to visit. Hetal becomes emotional and rejects the idea, telling her brother never to call again. Natasha reminds her of their family’s love and suggests visiting their sick mother, but Hetal refuses. Frustrated with the argument, Natasha thinks about how Golu will miss out on seeing his grandmother.


Hetal runs to Natasha and asks if anyone has kidnapped Golu. Natasha says you’ll have to dance to save Golu. Amrish arrives.

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