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Yashpal said that the dish made by Anupama was excellent when he tasted it. Anupama thanked him. Yashpal asks what the dish’s name is. Anupama replied that she did not know. He asks where she learned it. She says she learned from the school of mothers and tells him that Mothers keep experimenting with vegetables so that their children get nutritious food. Yashpal said she made it for her younger daughter.

Anupama gets excited when Yashpal says you’ll get a cook job if you prepare delicious dishes for a week. Vikram says our restaurant is also busy, but we’ll keep it going. She says it’s my break time. Vikram asks her not to be late today, and she says she will give the food to Shruti’s home. Anupama says I will go, provide the food, and return quickly.

Pakhi goes to speak with Vanraj, but Baa advises her to wait until tomorrow as her father is occupied. Feeling disregarded, Pakhi asserts that she does not require anyone’s permission to talk to her father and reminds them that her thoughts are just as significant. Suddenly, a disturbance arises when a neighbor named Pushpa arrives with her grandson, prompting Dimpy to inquire about Arjun’s well-being. Pushpa reveals that Ansh beat him up, but Baa immediately defends her son and accuses Arjun of lying. Pushpa insists she saw it and criticizes Arjun for his arrogant behavior of flaunting expensive toys. Vanraj angrily intervenes and demands an end to the conversation.

To find out if Anuj has seen Anu, Anuj decides to call India. Shruti arrives there and says you must be talking to some girl, which is why the accident happened. Aadhya opens the door and is about to ring the doorbell when Anupama says hello, beta. Aadhya thanks god she has seen her, otherwise Shruti would have taken her to meet Anuj.

Vanraj queries Arjun about what happened, and he replies that Ansh had pushed him and damaged his toy. Vanraj then turns to Ansh and inquires if he has indeed hit Arjun, which Ansh confirms. He explains that Arjun had been teasing him about not having the same toy as him, so he retaliated by breaking his toy and hitting him. Feeling remorseful, Vanraj promises to replace Arjun’s broken toy with the one that Ansh had ruined. However, Pushpa interjects, stating that the issue is not about material possessions but rather about instilling good values in Ansh. She reminds Vanraj that if he continues to shower Ansh with such unconditional love, he may become spoiled and forget all manners. She also mentions how Samar, Toshu, and Pakhi were raised in this household with Anupama’s exemplary values, which everyone highly praised.

In an angry moment, Vanraj asks her to leave and take the money. Pushpa says she will go, but if you spoil Ansh this way, she will repent. Vanraj tells Ansh he should have told him if he wanted a toy like Arjun. We’ll buy two toys, one for you and one for Arjun, and you’ll have to apologize to him.

She asks Anuj what happened and asks him to tell her. Anuj asks Shruti to bring something. Shruti goes. Anupama is rudely addressed by Aadhya, who says Shruti will make the payment online. When Shruti sees the food and asks if Joshi Ben brought it, she takes it from Aadhya, who says Joshi Ben was in a hurry and left. She closes the door and thinks she can’t let him have it, but then she thinks she’s gonna throw it.

Anuj tastes the food Shruti brings to him. Anuj thinks Anuj makes it. Aadhya observes Anupama tying her sandals on their stairs. Anupama turns and looks back but doesn’t see Aadhya, who hides. While eating, Anuj thinks about poetry and prays for AK’s recovery. Jeeye toh Jeeye kaise….plays…

She thinks, thank god, she’s gone. Anuj eats the food himself and takes deep breaths as Anupama leaves.

Pakhi approaches Vanraj, requesting to have a conversation with him. She reminds him that he plans to give a toy to a builder to construct a tower and reminds him of her legal right to the property. She then asks for a flat in the building. Meanwhile, Shruti checks with Anuj about his opinion on the food. He suggests they go to their favorite restaurant, Spice and Chutney’s, despite knowing Shruti’s aversion to Indian food. Despite Shruti’s concerns about Anuj’s health, he insists on going there as he believes Anupama will be present. However, Shruti agrees to go there for dinner after some rest. This leaves Aadhya feeling anxious.

Vanraj informs you that, like Dolly and myself, you will also have a share in this house. He assures Toshu and you that your rights will be granted if Babu ji agrees to the tower. Kavya interjects and enquires about Samar’s share. Pakhi clarifies that Samar is no longer with us. Kavya argues that Dimpy and Ansh should receive their share. To this, Pakhi reminds her to understand that claiming rights over another man while still being married is inappropriate. Vanraj raises his voice at Pakhi’s comment. Kavya advises Pakhi to learn some manners to make life easier for herself. Pakhi retorts by saying she will only find peace of mind once she gets the flat here. Kavya questions if Pakhi intends to take the flat to Delhi. Pakhi clarifies that they will continue living here, much to Baa’s disapproval, who calls her greedy. In response, Pakhi defends herself by stating that it is simply practicality. Further, she adds that if Dimpy entrusts her daughter’s responsibility to her, she will understand the reality.

Pakhi’s happiness and peace will die if she stays here, so Baa asks Vanraj to call her neighbors. He says she needs four shoulders for the last rites. Vanraj says Pakhi is alone now. Kavya thinks it would be good if Ansh and Ishani were together. He says Dimpy will take care of Ishani. Kavya says Dimpy is Ansh’s mother and not Ishani’s caregiver. Vanraj asks Kavya to help Dimpy then and not work in the fashion institute.

Vikram greets Anupama upon seeing her and inquires about Shruti’s fiance. Anupama responds that she hasn’t had the chance to meet him yet. Just then, Vikram receives a call from Shruti and passes it on to Anupama. Shruti questions why she didn’t come to visit them. Anupama explains that she had prior commitments and had to leave early. Shruti shares that AK enjoyed the food at Anupama’s restaurant and wishes to have dinner there. Anupama mentions that he is unwell, but Shruti insists they visit and requests her to prepare something special. Aadhya overheard the conversation and became upset.

The customers in the restaurant ask Anupama to take photos. Anupama clicks their photos and imagines her children’s photos. As she misses all her children, she prays for Samar, Dimpy, and her family. She says Toshu and Kinjal must be settled in the UK, Pakhi, who may have changed or not, and Choti, who must hate me. Despite having four children, none of them are with her. She asks why she has a yearning in her heart for them.


After seeing a little girl, Anupama asks her name, Angel. As soon as Anupama sees Angel hugging Toshu, she calls him. Toshu sees her and asks the driver to move. She is shocked when the food plate she made for AK and Shruti falls accidentally. Vikram asks her what she will serve them, but AK and Shruti are about to arrive.

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