Agnisakshi 18th September 2023 Episode: Juhi’s Deception Uncovered | Written Update


Agnisakshi 18th September 2023 Written Episode Update on

During the episode, Swara and Jeevika perform the ritual. Juhi asks if she can join them. Swara says no. Jeevika tells Swara to let go of bygones and that they won’t do anything with family members. While Jeevika and Juhi play, Jeevika knocks Juhi down. Tai wins, Swara says. Lata tells him that Jeevika knows how to set home and that she has learned to throw out the homebreakers. Aadhya says I will inform Dada about Vahini’s victory.

During the puja, Lata asks Jeevika to bring the stuff she had given her for safekeeping. Satvik says Aadhya told him about her victory. He applies tilak to her and tries to romance with her. Jeevika finds the gold coin missing. Satvik asks if someone has stolen it. Jeevika says it must be here. She thinks drama will begin when she returns empty-handed, and Lata scolds her. Sundari asks what happened.

Juhi claims to be anticipating Jeevika’s ridicule; however, when Jeevika appears with Satvik, Lata insists the guest cannot leave without receiving their gift. However, Jeevika informs her that the gifts have gone missing. Swara suggests looking for them, and Lata clarifies that they were supposed to be gold coins. Swara adds that perhaps Jeevika forgot about it because of her current circumstances. Curiosity arises when the guest questions whether or not the gold coins were bought. Swara defends Jeevika by stating that she is never forgetful. Unfortunately, Juhi uses this opportunity to insult them and protect the household’s honor. Unable to bear any more humiliation, the guest leaves. Lata reprimands Jeevika for her actions, while Satvik questions why she took on such a responsibility if she couldn’t handle it. To solve the issue, Swara urges Jeevika to consider where she might have kept the missing gift.

Jeevika is sad and crying in her room. Juhi arrives and asks Jeevika how she can forget about the gold coins after keeping them. She says she shouldn’t have taken up that responsibility. She identifies the bracelet she is holding as belonging to the person who pushed her down the mountain as the person who pushed her. Satvik says that he shouldn’t have scolded Jeevika. Satvik thinks he will never leave Jeevika.

It makes Jeevika wonder how Juhi could try to kill me. She thinks there can be two bracelets and who should share them with. She thinks about telling Satvik about it but says he will get angry. She thinks about telling Utkarsh Dada, but he will only listen. Jeevika tells him that Juhi’s bracelet looks like the one the attacker was wearing and that she feels Juhi can’t push me. Utkarsh asks if she can’t be Juhi. Jeevika says no.

As Utkarsh points out, such coincidences occur in stories and novels and not in reality. Jeevika says she cannot believe it. Utkarsh says you won’t believe it until you’ve seen it for yourself and know it. Satvik apologizes to Jeevika and thinks I shouldn’t have lost my cool. Jeevika says she understands your anger. Satvik says he didn’t understand where the gold coins went, as if they had been stolen. He inquires if any guests have done this.

Jeevika says don’t know, right now I have no answer. Jeevika finds Swara sitting outside and asks her to come inside. Swara says I want to tell you something. She says she doubts Juhi has stolen the gold coins. She claims she ignored her when she saw her in the room. Juhi says she will find out.


Satvik tells Jeevika that they are opening the Savitri group of institutions, and the kids will attend their school. Jeevika breaks down and tells Satvik she cannot give him even one child. Satvik is surprised.

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