Barsatein 4th January 2024 Written Episode: Tensions Rise Between Aradhana, Reyansh, Jai, and Bani


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As Jai and Bani are walking to the other side, Aradhana says Vikram is Reyansh’s friend. Reyansh says I don’t like you. They argue. Vikram says to focus on if you’re both done. Aradhana agrees. Jai says your paneer… Bani likes the food. They eat the paneer dish. He says it is really good. She says those days were great, right? She holds his hand. She apologizes. He says it’s okay, you’re my friend. Pooja and Vikram argue.

Also, Aradhana and Reyansh argue over their friends. She asks Vikram to value Pooja, but Reyansh tells him you did not value me. Aradhana says I have always valued our love, even when you hated me, and even today when I left my past behind. She cries and talks to him. Vikram says they got started, and I’m leaving. Pooja says I’ll leave before you. They leave together.

Aradhana says I lost my faith in love, I dreamed of marrying my love and having children, but you have snatched everything away from me. She coughs. He asks her to drink water. Jai and Bani see Aradhana and Reyansh. He recalls Aradhana’s words. Pooja is not here. Bani asks what are they doing here, she said she was going to her friend. He orders whisky. Bani says don’t drink. He asks her to stop talking.

As he takes a sip and leaves, Aradhana reminds us of our purpose here: Pooja and Vikram. Reyansh noticed their absence and commented on how busy we were shouting. Jai excuses himself to use the restroom, only to express his disapproval towards Reyansh for causing pain to someone they both care about. He questions why she always runs back to him, prompting an emotional outburst. Reyansh interrupts, questioning if he’s crying over a girl, and assures him that if her love is sincere, she will return. He shares his own pain and belief that the girl will come back to him because his love for her is true and incomparable. In a comforting tone, he advises Jai to relax as everything will eventually work out.

Aradhana contacts Pooja, inquiring about the whereabouts of both herself and Vikram. Pooja replies that Vikram has already departed and she is currently waiting for Aradhana in the car. Aradhana leaves to join her as soon as possible. Similarly, Nita reaches out to Reyansh and informs him of their need to collaborate. Reyansh agrees and heads over to meet Nita, who expresses her deep concern for Jai’s well-being. She also acknowledges Reyansh’s love for Aradhana and mentions having no emotional ties with her. Nita further shares her desire to support Jai by forming an alliance with Reyansh, explaining that “the enemy’s enemy is a friend.” Both parties seal the deal by shaking hands.

In recollection of Reyansh’s words, Adhana calls Jai. She asks if he’s in any tension again. He responds. Nita hears her and says that it’s good that Jai and Bani are together. She hopes Jai’s problems are resolved and he becomes a happy, confident Jai again. Bani brings Jai to her house. He drinks one more.

She stops him. He says no one cares for me, I’m stuck. She says we need to win this case, you have to get back. He laughs and jokes on himself. He says I’m a failure. She says you have to fight for yourself, your parents, and your family, and don’t give Aradhana much importance. She asks him about the ones who love you, your parents and me. He laughs and says, “I’m stuck,” and he falls asleep. Nita calls her. She cries and holds him.

Her son knows her well, so she asks Bani not to keep it from her. Jai’s phone rings. Nita says it’s okay, I want Jai to stay with his special friend. Bani says you’re misunderstood. She ends the call. Nita wants Jai towards me, she says I can’t bring him, otherwise I would’ve sent him home. In her mind, she recalls Jai’s words. Jai says, “I’ll forgive Aradhana, but not Reyansh. Take me to Reyansh’s house.” She asks him to stop it. From Aradhana’s phone, she messages Aradhana.

Nita reminds Aradhana to go to bed. Aradhana explains that she is waiting for Jai. Nita informs her that he is currently with Bani. However, Aradhana reveals that Jai had messaged her earlier saying he was with Vikram. Trying to ease the situation, Nita remarks that it’s natural for friends to spend time together and mentions how Aradhana had been with Pooja earlier. Feeling concerned, Aradhana calls Jai. In the meantime, Vikram messages her saying that Jai isn’t actually with him. This causes Aradhana to become worried. Just then, Bhakti approaches them and mentions how Nita has been teasing her about Jai’s whereabouts. To this, Aradhana responds by stating that Jai is simply hanging out with his good friend Bani. Bhakti advises her to be cautious since the circumstances seem to be pulling Jai away from her lately despite having married a good person like her.


Reyansh says you won’t go on a honeymoon, but Nita says Bani’s parents have a beautiful house, so you can. Aradhana says Jai and I are going on a honeymoon, so you can’t stop us.

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