Barsatein 22nd December 2023 Written Episode: Unexpected Twists Unfold


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The Episode commences with Nita questioning the living arrangements for all of us. Bhakti assures her that we will manage somehow. Varun informs them he will head to the hospital as their father is there. Upon hearing this, Nita expresses her desire to leave and go to London once Akash is discharged, as they have properties there. However, Jai insists on staying and clearing his name before leaving. He believes that one can earn money but not respect, which Nita agrees with. Concerned about where they will stay, Jai suggests using the bedroom temporarily while they figure things out. He plans to talk to a lawyer and hopes that someone will help them in their current situation. Meanwhile, Aradhana offers food to Jai, who refuses to meet the lawyer urgently. Disgruntled by Nita’s taunts, she leaves.

Adhana scolds Reyansh in the office. He sends everyone outside. She says you think you will win by making my family homeless. He says I won, you are here today. She says not to do this. Laughing, she says you thought I would beg you, but you don’t know, your deeds are taking me away from you, you are ending my feelings for you, you cannot snatch love, you think you will make my husband homeless, and take me.

Jai drinks as Vikram approaches him. Assuring him he is still alive, Jai offers to cover the lawyer fees. However, Vikram reminds him that his passport will be confiscated and that he cannot leave the country. Defending himself, Jai blames Reyansh for putting him in this situation. Meanwhile, Aradhana questions Jai’s plan and whether he intends to return everything to win her over again. But he adamantly refuses, claiming that he will never buy the house that she chose over him. Weak and incapable of facing the world’s challenges for her sake, Jai is convinced that Reyansh will eventually make a mistake and get away with it without any consequences due to his lack of strength.

Jai says, Vikram, you left alcohol four years ago. Jai replies, I have got it again, I must defeat Reyansh and think like him, I will become like him. Vikram worries. As Reyansh Lamba says, he cannot become him, he doesn’t have your love, he deserves your pity, the better man has won. She says you snatched everything from him, and he claims he is no better than me. She says I hate you, what happened to you, I’m scared of you.

With a smile, he points out your fear, not caused by me, but by yourself. The fear of losing me again. Jai claims he can drink, but Vikram tells him to stop. Reyansh calls Jai a liar and warns that he won’t reveal everything; he’s not foolish like me. You can never truly love someone until you see their true character during tough times. She sheds tears and defends Jai, stating that he’s not the person Reyansh claims to be because she is with him. He tells her to ask her uncle to stop feeding his favorite samosas to Jai since she took him home.

I won’t get sleep on this bed, there is no hot water flowing freely, our servant quarters are better than this, Nita shouts. Jagruti arrives and says you must take a bucket bath; the shower won’t come, wake up early, and water doesn’t come all day. She asks Varun to go to the hospital. She says don’t worry, please adjust. She goes. Nita gets angry and says Aradhana is to blame. Aradhana calls Jai. Jai drinks.

Vikram accompanies Jai as they discuss Aradhana’s potential negative thoughts towards Jai for not being able to protect her from Reyansh and causing harm to her life. During their conversation, Vikram notices Aradhana’s missed calls and expresses her concerns to Jai. Feeling insecure, Jai questions if he should face Aradhana with his defeated demeanor. Vikram reminds him that this is an opportunity for Aradhana to learn the truth. Jai hesitates and begs Vikram to handle the call on his behalf. Without disclosing any details, Vikram answers the phone and assures Aradhana that he will ask Jai to contact her when he is available. Grateful for Vikram’s help, Jai thanks him sincerely.

Vikram takes Jai in the car. Aradhana watches. Vikram leaves a message to her. Nita asks Varun to get her purse. Varun asks where you’re going. She says I’m going to a big event to make contacts, rich people attend, I can’t miss this opportunity, I’ll figure something out, I wish me luck. He says all the best. She leaves. He messages Reyansh. Vikram says you made me lie, look at yourself. Jai says I lost. He embraces him and says I wanted to fulfill Dad’s dream.

Vikram reminds Jai not to let Reyansh win, reminding him of his past victories. Pooja reminds Jai that Aradhana has faith in him and encourages him to stay strong in their battle. Vikram offers Jai a glass of lemonade. Aradhana patiently waits for Jai’s return and falls asleep. The following day, Jai returns home to find Aradhana awake. She asks if everything is alright, and he apologizes for being preoccupied with work. As she notices the alcohol bottle in his bag, she questions if this is his essential task. He clarifies that it was Vikram who had been drinking and asserts that he does not drink alcohol as she knows. Despite her doubts, Aradhana assures Jai of trusting him and promises to stand by his side to fix the situation.

We will get rid of this mess, Nita says. I went to a dinner party and came up with a solution, and your old friend, Bani, is ready. He says she was in London. Nita says she was close to Jai. She says she was just a good friend. She says I know, she is a top lawyer now, and she said she would help us. Once Bani arrives, she thinks she will have everything back, whatever we have lost due to Aradhana.


Aradhana says I got a job. She says I kept the money for the lawyer. The man says congrats, I’ll bring you to meet my MD. Reyansh meets Aradhana.

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