Kavya 4th March 2024 Written Episode: Kavya Uncovers a Key Clue in Navya’s Case


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The episode begins with Kavya contemplating her next move. The man inquires if madam will join them soon, as he cannot wait any longer. Kavya then proceeds to secure a machine belt onto the grinder and switches it on, confidently stating that the wheat will be ground and she can leave. At this moment, Santu points out Badi Amma’s presence to Kavya, who expresses her appreciation. However, Santu raises concerns about Amma waking up and hindering Kavya’s departure. Kavya assures him that she has urgent matters to attend to and suggests using the window as an escape route. As the man grows impatient and questions their whereabouts, Kavya takes her leave but unfortunately falls on the way out. In the meantime, Santu cleverly engages Badi Amma in conversation while she worries about the noise from the grinder. Eventually, Badi Amma decides to investigate and heads towards the door.

After receiving a call, Anurag informed me that he had instructed the people involved in the Basant Khedi incident to refrain from sharing any information. He assured me that he would handle the situation. I was satisfied with this response. Before leaving, the man expressed concern for his safety and stated he could not take any risks. As I was standing there, Kavya arrived and asked about identifying the reporter. She noticed the man getting into an auto and quickly chased after him on foot. Eventually, she caught up to him and introduced herself as Kavya. He questioned her whereabouts before handing her a picture, explaining that it contained evidence of the main suspect in Navya’s case. Immediately, she examined the photo.

As Badi Amma opens the door, Santu approaches with a request. Despite her repeated beatings, he persists, demanding that she pick a suitable partner for him. Frustrated, she shoves him aside, and they both turn to see the machine in question. According to Santu, Kavya is responsible for its function. The man examining it notices something written on her hoodie and asks if she has any further proof of her involvement. Kavya recalls a sense of familiarity with the hoodie and presses for more information. The man cautions them about dangerous individuals behind the operation and advises against future meetings. Kavya questions how she has helped him in the past. He reveals how her rehab center in Bamalpur has benefited many people, earning her his gratitude and assistance in return.

After arriving home, Adi, Omi, and Alka rush to Kavya. Anurag gets water and applies it to the flour. Adi asks where Kavya is. Badi Amma cries. She starts acting out. Kavya came and asked what happened to the flour, and I just fixed the motor to run the chakki. Badi Amma says she loves her job more than her family. I am sorry. Giriraj becomes angry.

I’ll make the prasad, Malini says. Badi Amma says no, I’ll make it. Adi and Kavya ask her to stop. Badi Amma grinds the atta. Giriraj curses Kavya and leaves. Kavya says I will make the prasad in 2 hours. Adi asks Badi Amma to stop. He says enough, Kavya; I’ll say something.

Santu apologizes to her. Kavya asks her to get cow dung. Omi says I have to win Badi Amma’s heart. Santu says Adi, and I know you are the best. She says I also believe it now, thanks to you, as I went to the hospital. She says it is good. He asks are you making Chula, and he helps her. Adi smiles at them. Omi asks her to speak to him. She tells him he is upset.

During imp work, Kaavya tells Adi I got a vital photo of that man in Navya’s case. Omi asks if she knows that man. She says no, she will show him the picture. She says she saw this hoodie somewhere. Adi is concerned. She wonders where Malini is. She asks if you have forgiven me. He smiles at her and says she should go. Malini watches.

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