Kavya 28th May 2024 Written Episode Update: Kavya Faces New Challenges at Work


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In the episode, Adi asks Kavya about the list. She says she is trying, but checking is crucial. He says the checking is done beforehand. Approve the list and send it, and hurry! Kavya says we’ll get it checked by DM and then go. Shubh takes her to the cabin. He congratulates her, and DM says congrats. Shubh told us you’re pregnant.

She cuts the cake and feeds them. The DM says thank you, and it’s good news; you should have told us to take some time off and rest at home. Giriraj arrives at the ministry office and informs everyone that Adi will soon become a father. Everyone wishes him well. DM says the government is offering one year of maternity leave so that I will approve your leave. Kavya says she is pregnant, not sick, and isn’t leaving anytime soon.

You are not focused on work, Shubh says, otherwise how would you be able to pass the fake teacher list? Kavya asks what you’re talking about. He shows them videos to prove it. DM asks Kavya what’s this joke? You chose these illiterate people. Shubh says you refused my help, so I did the research myself. DM scolds Kavya. She says Shubh should have told me about his research. He says yes, but you don’t trust me. She says it’s not your job to decide.

The DM confirms that Shubh is a senior member who had previously taken charge of the project but unfortunately encountered failure due to his busy schedule planning for his child. However, he applauds Shubh for taking the next step and calling the police inspector for assistance. Inspector Anubha arrives and greets them, with Shubh introducing her as his fiancée – a beautiful, sincere, and talented officer who topped her academy. He proudly mentions that she will soon become his wife and asks Kavya if she agrees. Kavya congratulates them both. Anubha then hands over the eye drops recommended by Dr. Garima, which were requested by Shubh beforehand. The DM inquires about how the new list will be obtained to which Shubh responds that it is already on the table.

Adi asks Mishra about the list. Giriraj says it will pass. He thinks I will get money. Kavya asked how we could approve this list. Shubh says I have checked it well. Kavya says we should double-check it. The DM says Shubh proves he doesn’t take shortcuts like you. Just sign and send it. Kavya refuses. The DM says you cannot refuse; just be thankful Shubh saved you. She signs the list. She leaves.

Suddenly, Shubh hugs Anubha. He says I won the game because of you. He jokes. He says I am your lucky charm. She replies, you don’t just call me beautiful, you have to see my talent too. Shubh says I admire you, and I have always praised you in front of others. He says I’m foolish to carry a gift for you in my pocket. Kavya left me, and you left me too. She says I love you. You’re my life.

She thanks him. He presents her with a bracelet. She asks about the unverified names in the new file. Shubh says it’s done; forget it. He gives her a dress and tells her to get ready. They are going on a date. Kavya goes to Adi. He hugs her, asks if she is okay, and asks if she wants lemon juice. She says that list… He says thank you for verifying it. Mishra thinks we’re doing some scam. He doesn’t listen to her.

As the man reads the list, CM points out that Adi’s list does not include these names. Giriraj then turns to Kavya and inquires about their list, to which she responds that it contains falsified biodata. This revelation takes aback the group, and Mishra makes a joke at Adi’s expense. Giriraj asks for clarification, and Kavya confirms that the people on the list have provided false information. Realizing the implications of his son’s mistake, Giriraj accuses Adi of being foolish, and Mishra remarks on Adi’s actions. Kavya defends her husband, but Mishra continues to blame him. This leads to Adi feeling humiliated while Giriraj is left thinking about how Kavya has disrupted his plans.


Kavya scolds Giriraj for making Adi useless. She blames Shubh for getting between us. Adi cries and distances himself from Kavya.

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