Suhaagan 9th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Payal’s Desperate Act Shocks Everyone


Suhaagan 9th January 2024 Written Episode Update on

The scene opens with Payal visiting Dadi’s house and spotting Krish filling Bindiya’s hairline with sindoor. In a rush, she knocks the bottle out of his hand, only to see that sindoor has already been applied to Bindiya’s hair. Enraged, Payal exclaims that this was all just a game for them to play suhaag and suhaagan. Bindiya tells her to stop and accuses her of knocking the bottle over, implying that she doesn’t deserve to wear the sindoor on her hair. She bends down to pick up the fallen indoor, and Payal remarks snidely that she’s picking it up like it’s made of precious jewels.

Bindiya examines it and remarks on its value, wondering what could be more precious to him than diamonds and pearls. She addresses a married woman and inquires about its significance. Payal questions the identity of the object, which she recognizes as red powder produced in a factory, packaged in a box, and utilized as a weapon by cunning individuals like herself to entrap wealthy men like Krish. She interrogates Krish about why he did not inform her that he was in “chirayya” with Bindiya. He admits that he deliberately avoided seeing her and urges her to stay away until he receives answers. Payal cries, claiming to have numerous unanswered inquiries but refusing to ask them due to his altered appearance. She turns to leave, hoping he will follow her, but is disappointed when he does not. She decides she will employ a trick that will make him come running back to her.

As Krish calls Indu, she tells him that Payal has arrived. She asks Payal why she went to Chirayya. Payal ignores her and leaves. Sakshi tells Indu that Payal ignored and insulted her. Amma asks who is Payal? Indu tells her to ask Bindiya, who will be able to provide you with the proper introduction.

Bindiya says you know that Krishna ji promised Babu ji that he would bring me home, and he has some problems staying here, so Maa ji cannot live without him. Krish tells Dadi not to worry and will take care of Bindiya. As her suhaag takes her with his will, Dadi says she will do her bidaai. Payal comes to the room and throws Bindiya’s sindoor down. Dadi explains the bidaai ritual to Bindiya. Bindiya looks at Krish.

Payal says Sindoor my foot, and says, I’ll make Bindiya realize her true worth and status. The wife of the master ji applies Sindoor to Bindiya’s maang, saying it will never fade. As she holds the grains in her pallu, Bindiya recalls her marriage. The wife of a Sarpanch ji also performs the rituals and applies Sindoor to her maang. She says we, the suhaagans, apply Sindoor to each other, so you stay as a Suhaagan forever and we stay as Suhaagans forever.

As Payal angrily shouts, Phoolmati says your love will be as deep as Sindoor color. Payal shouts, telling her that Bindiya trapped Krish using her Sindoor and that she will trap her in such a way that she will be permanently expelled from their lives. She makes terrible faces. Tulsi also applies sindoor to her. Dadi tells Krish they will meet his Amma (Dadi) with him. Krish asks Dadi to accompany them now, but Dadi says we can’t.

I will pack our stuff fast, Phoolmati says. Krish sits in the car with Bindiya. Dadi and Phoolmati sit with her. Bindiya asks Kaki to take care of herself and tell them the good news. Krish drives away. As Rose searches for her charges, Payal opens the door. Amma decorates the aarti plate and asks Sakshi to give it to Diya and Baati. Sakshi does. Nikku asks Rose what happened, and Rose says Payal isn’t opening the door. Nikku knocks on it.

Sapna whispers something to Sakshi, who in turn shares it with Indu. Shortly after, Payal burns the photo of Krish and Bindiya and displays irrational behavior. She declares her intention to make everyone lose their senses. While Indu tries speaking with her, Vikram arrives on the scene. Concerned about Payal’s well-being, Indu informs him that she locked herself in a car after something was said. Meanwhile, Sakshi clarifies that she is not responsible for any of this. Impressed by her actions, Vikram commends Sakshi while Indu reprimands him for being insensitive. The commotion catches Rose’s attention, and she knocks on the door but is told not to disturb by Sakshi. Inside the car, Payal holds the gun to her chin and ultimately pulls the trigger, leaving everyone in shock.

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