Suhaagan 20th May 2023 Written Update

Suhaagan 20th May 2023 Written Update on

In the episode, Bhim sees Bindiya on the top of the bus. Amma asks Phoolwati what sin she has committed. Phoolwati says you may have done some sin in your last birth. She laughs when she sees the papers. The candy floss falls out of the conductor’s hand and falls into Payal’s hand. Payal eats it happily. Phoolwati calls Bhim and informs him that the thumb impression has been taken. Bhim takes a lift from the biker and tells Phoolwati that Bindiya has run away.

When Phoolwati sees Bindiya walking after getting off the bus, she asks Bhim to stop. He tries to catch her on the speedy bike, but the bike slides and they fall down. Bindiya continues to run after Bhim and makes fun of her when she doesn’t leave her mother. Upon returning home with Payal, Madan and Rekha find their house door broken. Payal calls Bansi Mama and tells him how Mama and Mami gifted her so many things.

Rekha asks her to go and change her clothes. Bansi’s goon closes the door and beats Madan for spending money on Payal but not returning it. Madan says he is spending money to acquire their farm and house, and says he will then sell the property to repay his debt. Bansi refuses to accept his words and says he will sell Rekha if he doesn’t return his money.

As Bindiya reaches home, the buyer is leaving. She grabs the papers from his hand, looks at the thumb impression, tears it, and eats it. The buyer asks if she is crazy. Madan tells Rekha that he doesn’t know how he got there.

The buyer asks Phoolwati to return his money, but she refuses. Rekha says she wants to look beautiful but does not want to compromise her respect. Amma tells the buyer that her daughter forced her thumb impression, and that the farm belongs to Bindiya and Payal. Madan calls Phoolwati.

The phone falls and breaks as Phoolwati runs to save money. She lies on the floor and says that she won’t give the money. The buyer takes it and leaves. Bhim arrives. Phoolwati gets up and slaps Bindiya. Bindiya holds her hand as she recalls how Phoolwati tortured them.


Payal realizes her mistake when Rekha mistreats her. She picks up Bindiya’s call, but Rekha won’t let her speak.


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