Faltu 11th June 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 11th June 2023 Written Update on worldofentertainment.in

Shanaya is warned by Ruhaan not to let anyone know about her wrist injury in the episode. He says he spoke to Geeta, but others can raise objections and your name won’t be sent for trials. He asks Faltu to guide her well. Faltu cries. Coach says you both joined late, how will you cover it?

She asks how she will survive, the coach looks rude. Faltu says he has to see your game and decide the schedule. You will be chosen based on merit. Shanaya says wow, fabulous plan. Faltu says we’ll go and get ready. She gets Ayaan’s call. She goes. Faltu tells her to change clothes and come, always wear the mask, and if anyone asks, tell them you suffer from dust allergies. She gets Ayaan’s call. Shanaya goes.

Did you reach? Faltu says yes, the coach looks rude. He says you’d be happy to get a better coach than me, so you’ll forget me. Ayaan says I have arrived, I’m going to Mart, did you reach? Coach asks her to come fast. She says I’ll talk to you later. Ayaan says fine, all the best. She leaves.

Dadi reprimands Tanu, expressing her dissatisfaction. Tanu defends themselves, stating that Ruhaan allows them to stay because Shanaya has an interest in Faltu. Kumkum interjects, stating that they need to search for another house. Tanu agrees, affirming Kumkum’s statement, and proceeds to call Kanika.

Getting cutting chai for Ruhaan, the peon says you always have coffee. Ruhaan says I want it now. He thinks of Faltu. Peon gets the tea. Ruhaan says Faltu has something in her. Kanika apologizes to Janardhan.

Kanika expresses her desire to purchase a bungalow for everyone, as Ruhaan refused to sell it. She wants to provide them with a new bungalow. Dadi questions this new arrangement, seeking clarification. Kanika reveals that Tanu and Sid are planning to leave. Kanika apologizes and requests an opportunity to rectify her mistake. Janardhan firmly declares that they do not require her favour and suggests that she takes Tanu with her. Kanika insists on helping them, but he firmly asserts that the matter ends there. He reminds her that despite any gifts, they cannot overlook the fact that she sent Ayaan to jail. Kanika departs.

When the coach observes Shanaya, he asks her if her right hand is causing any problems. His catches aren’t smooth, show me your wrist, Faltu stops him and asks when we will begin batting. He asks her to wear a helmet and come. She mentions that she will go to the restroom and return shortly. He responds, “Your partner in batting is Shanaya.”

Kinshuk says Ayesha’s parents said they would send Ayesha when we have our home. Govind says we can’t trust Ruhaan, we should consider Kanika’s offer instead. Janardhan gets angry. Govind states that Kanika is willing to provide compensation, questioning what could be wrong with that. He further adds that both Ayaan and Janardhan secured jobs through Ruhaan.

She says to let things stay the same. Dadi asks them to stop it. Faltu says I’ll see some players first and then I’ll play. Coach says life doesn’t always give chances. Faltu worries. She says give me a chance today. She fears Ruhaan will ruin my family if I don’t do this.

She says she feels like puking, she is tensed, and she will just come. Coach asks why she is wearing the mask. Shanaya says she has an allergy, she won’t worry, she’ll go to the bathroom and come back. Coach asks her to leave.

Shanaya asks Faltu to take off the mangalsutra, Chuda, and sindoor. Faltu says it is Ayaan’s sign. Shanaya says we will get caught. Faltu cries and takes off the items.


Coach says you’ll be a good player one day, you can remove your helmet and mask. Faltu worries.

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