Kumkum Bhagya 10th June 2023 Written Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 10th June 2023, Written Update on WorldofEntertainment.com

Aaliya says Shahana is behind her instead of attending the wedding in the episode. She hides in the room. Shahana sees her going into the room and thinks to stop Aaliya, saying she will do something wrong here. Ranbir is pondering how to stop Prachi’s marriage, saying he would be beaten if he asked her not to marry.

It occurs to him that even Prachi had tried to stop his marriage to Rhea, and he wonders how dare Prachi sit in the mandap while he is her husband. He burns the crackers to stop their marriage.

Everyone is startled by the sudden explosion of crackers, causing Ranbir to swiftly escort Prachi to a safer area. In the chaos, Prachi accidentally strikes a showpiece against Ranbir’s head. Stumbling, he collapses onto the sofa, his face concealed by the curtain. Prachi remains unaware of his presence and continues with her actions. From his obscured viewpoint, Ranbir catches sight of Aaliya and mistakenly believes she is responsible for his abduction.

Prachi sees Aaliya and goes behind her. Ranbir sees Shahana going behind Prachi. Prachi tells Aaliya to stop. Aaliya wonders if this is Shahana. Prachi warns that she will call security if Aaliya doesn’t cease her actions. She firmly states that Shahana cannot be spoken about in that manner. When Prachi catches a glimpse of Aaliya’s face, she forcefully pushes her to the ground.

Aaliya regains her footing and questions Prachi about her lack of manners. Prachi retorts, saying her manners disappeared when Aaliya’s humanity disappeared. Aaliya raises her voice in anger, and Prachi questions what was wrong with her, reminding her that she was just born.

Aaliya asks what I did to you, and you’re getting remarried again. Prachi asks why I shouldn’t get married, and Ranbir is getting married. Aaliya asks if he didn’t have the right to be happy, and he says that Rhea is his soulmate. Whenever you left him, Rhea took care of him, and Ranbir understood this. She states that Ranbir is in the process of adopting a girl named Khushi along with Rhea and that Khushi brings him more happiness than Rhea.

As she told me, I came here to bless you, and after seeing you, all the old memories came flooding back. She apologizes to you for accidentally slipping your daughter from my hands. She asks her to move on in life and stay away from Rhea since she has become of Ranbir, they have moved on and are happy.

Prachi says she doesn’t want her to come back into their lives again and don’t be behind Ranbir. She doesn’t want him in her life and doesn’t want him. She says she doesn’t care if he marries Rhea or others, she’s getting married to Akshay and there’s no comparison.

Aaliya is happy to mislead Prachi and thinks that Ranbir is unconscious and Prachi will sit in the mandap. She believes that she is God to Prachi. In response, Prachi asks Shahana not to believe Aaliya. Prachi says Aaliya Buji came here to check on the marriage. She refers to Ranbir as selfish, self-centred, and playing big games.

She says I will not let him ruin my life, he didn’t give me anything other than tears and pain, I’m done, and I won’t let him ruin my life. Ranbir comes there. Prachi says I have nothing to do with Ranbir and I am happy to accept Akshay’s proposal and I respect him as he loves me so deeply, whereas Ranbir never loved me.

She tells Ranbir that I will not participate in his discussions, and Rhea must have gotten married by now. She says he is not like Ranbir, he is not selfish, and he will never hurt her. She says she will find out who will stop this marriage, and Ranbir gets sad.

Rhea enters her room and tears stream down her face as she gazes at her reflection in the mirror. She urges herself not to cry and reassures herself by saying, “I love you, and I’m here for you.” Adopting a split personality, she addresses the kinder side of herself as “sweet Rhea” and declares, “I love you too.” She asserts that she loves herself the most and questions the benefits of being good, citing Aaliya Buji’s description of her as a doormat. With a sense of frustration, she concludes by saying that anyone can walk all over her before leaving.

As she says, you used to hurt everyone, but you didn’t get hurt ever. She says this isn’t you; you wanted relationships and family, but you were broken fully, and you didn’t get love. At least these tears won’t be there. She says the time has come to hurt others and love yourself, this is the best thing to do.

If someone hurts you, you will ruin that person and you won’t forgive her, and so you will take revenge regardless of what happens. She says I will do this to Prachi and Ranbir. Aryan comes there and identifies Ranbir after Prachi’s story. Akshay looks at him but doesn’t recognize his face. Ranbir thinks Prachi is right, he is a good guy, but not the best for Prachi.

Aryan says yes, whoever loves you will identify you. Ranbir says Prachi didn’t identify me. He asks him to drop him home. Aryan says they will go with the bride.


Ranbir renders Akshay unconscious and dons his attire, emerging in groom’s attire and a sehra to encounter Prachi. Subsequently, Aryan suggests to Ranbir that he should kidnap Akshay and take his place to marry Prachi.

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