Kumkum Bhagya 13th April 2023 Written Update

This episode starts with Laali telling Prachi that they need to leave and that no one will know if they leave now. She says this place seems dangerous. Prachi says we have come here to get Khushi. It is Juhi’s mother who comes there. Prachi asks what is your reason for coming here. Juhi’s mother says she left Bindi at home and came here. The goons ask who he is. Veera identifies Laali and asks for his rod.

In the end, the goons give him the rod. He says he has murdered three people already and has not been caught. He asks Prachi if she is a police informer. Prachi says she needs his help and is not a police informer. Veera laughs and says politicians and actor need our help too.

In Prachi’s report, your brother Balbira kidnapped Khushi, my daughter’s cousin, and he fled. Veera says Balbira was a bad guy and kidnapped the girl. Prachi asks him what he will get by kidnapping a small girl. Veera says he will sell the girl and asks when he kidnaps her. Laali says it was some time ago.

Prachi says nothing will happen to Khushi, and Veera says he will help but needs five lakh rupees. Laali and Juhi’s mother get shocked. Veera says we should go to your bank. Prachi asks him to come. Laali says they have the same blood. Veera asks Laali to come. A friend of Ranbir’s says this is Khushi’s green signal. He asks Ranbir to drive properly and jokes that Khushi is keeping 16 Mondays fast so he will live long.

The friend asks Ranbir to stop the vehicle as the location is approaching. Ranbir kicks open the door and gets inside. This is the same place where Khushi is being held captive.

He finds a bag and attempts to open it. Goons come there and fight with Ranbir, while another goon holds his friend. Ranbir takes out scissors. The friend opens the bag and finds some other girl. Ranbir asks the friend to remove the other girl as soon as possible. When he calls Khushi’s number, the phone rings with the goon. The goon says he found the phone and played a game on it.

The other goons fall down. Ranbir asks where Khushi is. The goon replies that she is in the haveli. Prachi has gone to the bank. Veera and Laali are waiting in the car. Veera asks Laali why she didn’t go save Balbira. Laali says he is not a good person. Veera says he was the same even before.

Veera asks Prachi why she wants to help the girl. Prachi says Khushi is her daughter now. Veera says his men are searching for Balbira in two locations. Seeing Ranbir’s friend, the girl looks at him. He says he can’t go into the haveli because of the fear of fighting with goons. The friend says he doesn’t know where it is. When Ranbir says he will search himself, he sees a goon’s car with a key in it.

Taking the girl to the PS and filing a complaint is what he asks him to do. He says I will search Khushi. The friend says I can do it. The girl smiles. They sit in the car. Balbir, Tiger, Shakti, and Khushi are in the car. Balbir asks Shakti to drive fast. Shakti says he knows why he is driving slowly. Balbir asks him why.

Khushi finds a chance and runs out of the car. Shakti says she’s run out. They get down and run after her. They catch her and tie her mouth with a cloth. In the car, Balbir threatens to beat her. Inspector comes to him and tells him that CCTV footage was found and that they changed the car and went to sector 2.

Khushi is tied to the chair by the goon, and is told she can die, but cannot escape. Balbir tells Khushi to call Kaatiyani aunty, saying she knows how dangerous she is. Shakti calls Kaatiyani. When Veera meets Kukreja, he tells Prachi that Balbira is in the haveli and that he will take her there. He tells Laali Balbira has become very smart, and she has taken her to a new place.

Precap: Veera asks Prachi if Balbira sent them to him to get him caught and says he doesn’t deserve to be his enemy as well. Laali says you are wrong. Veera slaps her. Prachi holds him and asks how dare you? Veera pulls out his gun and aims at them.

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