Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 11th January 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

Sai gains access to Anandi’s cabin via a window and hides. Her hand is injured by a broken glass piece. The watchman notices the broken glass piece on the floor and searches Anandi’s cabin. Virat, Ashwini, and Harini congratulate Shivani on her pregnancy. Bhavani curses Shivani for becoming pregnant at this age, and Virat and Mohit should be fathers, but she is giving them a cousin instead.

Shivani replies by saying Bhavani is not happy with her pregnancy and roams around Pakhi wagging her tail who can’t be pregnant forever? Pakhi leaves crying with Virat walking behind her to comfort her. The watchman takes a staff member to Anandi’s room, saying he saw a broken window glass outside. Sai hides behind a desk. The staff says there is no one around. The watchman notices Sai’s blood on the floor.

Shivani finds Sai hiding behind a desk. Virat comforts Pakhi and asks her not to worry about Shivani’s words. Pakhi continues to cry and express her distress, saying even Virat values Sai more than her. Anandi calls him saying Sai was caught stealing data from her computer by her staff. He in shock says Sai and leaves. Pakhi misunderstands and thinks Virat values Sai more than her.

The staff at the orphanage inform Virat that Sai was caught red-handed trying to steal confidential data from Anandi’s computer. The staff wanted to hand Sai over to the police, but Anandi ordered them not to do so. Virat says that it is his case now and he will handle it. He asks Sai why she did that. Sai reveals that she was searching for their son Vinayak.

In response to Sai’s question, Virat says Anandi is out of town. Sai asks how he knows. He nervously answers that Anandi called him to inform him of Sai’s act. Virat notices Sai’s tears and notices her hand injury, so he first recognizes it. Sai says their problems will be solved if Vinu is found.

As Virat returns home, Pakhi asks if he went to meet Sai. Virat denies it and says he was out to discuss some cases. She becomes more emotional and notices blood on his hand. Pakhi believes he is lying when he says it is the blood of the victim he met and asks her to rest.

Virat also cries, saying that if he had stopped her, he, she, Vinu, and Savi would have all been one big family. Pakhi feels heartbroken seeing that.

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