Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 27th July 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 27th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

Savi wakes up late, anxiously gets ready, and leaves Ishan’s cabin. Shuklaji tries to block Ishan from entering his office. When Ishan sees her, he asks why she’s in his cabin. Savi replies that she’s coming for admission and needs a place to stay, so Shuklaji and the watchman let her stay. Ishan fires Shuklaji out of his job.

It is Shriklaji’s plea that he not be fired. While Savi asks Ishan to listen to her first, Ishan continues shouting and calls the watchman. The watchman informs Savi that Shantanu ordered that she stay inside. Savi says this is what she was trying to explain, but Ishan refused to listen. Shuklaji and the watchman are sent out by Ishan and Savi is asked to leave since admission has already been completed.

As Harini prepares to depart from Bhavani’s house, the latter laments how her loved ones have betrayed her. They assisted Savi in eloping without her knowledge and relocated to Ramtek from Nagpur due to financial struggles. Bhavani expresses concern for Savi’s well-being in Pune. Vinu chimes in, stating that Savi has taken jewelry with her and can manage for 1-1.5 years. However, Ashwini cautions him to choose his words wisely and reminds him that Savi chose not to take the jewelry as she believed Bhavani needed it more. Vinu then counters by saying that even if Savi didn’t take any jewelry, she will likely return home within 1-2 weeks. Ashwini grows disappointed with Vinu’s insensitive remarks and urges him to refrain from speaking ill of his sisters if he cannot offer them any help.

Ishan strolls towards his cabin, trailed by Savi. He demands to know why she returned and if he should prepare a bed for her. Savi clarifies that she only came to retrieve her bag and had initially come to meet Shantanu for admission. Due to a delayed bus, she ended up staying here with Shantanu’s permission. Ishan asserts that Bhosale Institute offers admissions based on merit, not recommendation, and he doesn’t see any merit in Savi. However, Savi retorts that one’s capabilities cannot be judged solely by appearance and he can verify her academic records and scholarship award. Ishan acknowledges that he is aware of her success in the intercollege debate competition.

Savi explains that she was summoned by Shantanu sir. Ishan inquires if she was referred here. Savi clarifies it was her teacher who recommended her. Ishan remembers Isha being associated with Savi and asks if Isha Bhosale directed her to come here. Savi informs him it was a different teacher. In anger, he throws her bag out and demands for her to leave his office, since he will decide who gets admission in this college. Despite his warning, Savi insists on meeting Shantanu sir before leaving and asserts that she will ensure to secure admission based on her own abilities. Ishan ultimately shuts the door on her face.

Ashwini pays a visit to Isha and shares her worries about Savi. Isha kindly offers her water and assures her that Savi is doing well, having stayed at the college last night and will soon secure accommodation. Ashwini updates Isha on Bhavani’s reaction when Savi reached out to them. Upon hearing this, Isha offers to connect Ashwini with Savi and proceeds to call her. During their conversation, Savi recounts how Ishan rudely kicked her out of his office upon discovering that she had recommended him. Annoyed by Savi’s language, Isha reminds her to be respectful as Ishan is older than her. She then hands the phone over to Ashwini.

Savi feels happy hearing Ashwini’s voice. Ashwini informs Savi that Harini is returning to her husband’s house and asks her to stay there so that she can be tension-free about her return. As she believes Bhavani must have punished Harini for helping her, she asks if Harini is going back to hell because of her.

Shantanu is tongue lashed by Ishan when he reaches home fuming. He humiliatingly speaks of Isha. The whole family grills Shantanu about staying in touch with his wife. Ishan continues to humiliate his father and asks if he has ever met that woman. Shantanu says no. Shantanu has decided to obey Isha and give Savi admission. Asmita feels sorry for Shantu.


The students think Savi is a teacher. She solves a difficult problem. Ishan notices her and asks if she hasn’t left yet. Shantanu tells Ishan that Savi, a 2nd year student, solved a 3rd year problem.


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