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As Payal tells Rudra that she doesn’t talk to Bindiya anymore, he says he had slipped his tongue. He says he will arrange the family. She says don’t make him meet anyone, and asks him to lie to Bindiya, and end the topic right here. As soon as she sees Krish arriving, she becomes worried, thinking that if Krish sees Bindiya with him, I will be exposed. She asks Rudra to take Bindiya outside.

Rudra invites Bindiya to step outside the restaurant, mentioning that he is feeling cold. Suddenly, a glass falls and shatters, accidentally knocked over by Rudra. Just as Krish is about to spot Bindiya, a veiled Payal approaches him and requests his assistance, admitting that she doesn’t speak English. Without hesitation, Krish agrees to help her out. Meanwhile, Bindiya and Rudra exit the establishment. Payal inquires with Krish about what he’s ordering and he suggests trying a burger or garlic bread. However, she declines stating she isn’t hungry and leaves the premises. Krish then proceeds to order four coffees before turning to Bindiya to express his disinterest in meeting Payal again.

“Bindiya pleads with him to meet Payal at least once, while Payal strategizes how to avoid the meeting and messages Rudra for help. Upon receiving the message, Rudra agrees to meet Payal. Bindiya then asks for details on when and where to meet, before leaving. Meanwhile, Krish joins Baldev, Vikram, and Ishwar and offers them coffee. He then suggests that they leave now, but Baldev insists on taking him somewhere else.”

Indu is sad as Sakshi informs her of her plans for Teej. Indu says she thought of searching Rajkumari for Babu, but what did he get? Sakshi says an illiterate girl. When Bindiya arrives home, Sakshi says she’s roaming outside while we’re setting up. Bindiya asks what work should be done, and says she’ll ask Payal to help. Sakshi says Payal isn’t home. Bindiya calls Payal. Payal says she is in college and ends the call.

Then Baldev calls Bindiya. The three of them come out. Baldev asks her to lift the cloth. He asks Krish to help her. They lift the cloth from the scooty. When Bindiya sees it, she says, “Why did you bring it, Babu ji?” Baldev says Krish went for work with me today, and says he felt very proud. He says I was going to get you a car, but some people wouldn’t have left that, so I brought you a scooter.

As Bindiya kneels before her babu ji, she expresses her fondness for the new scooty gifted to her. Indu points out that Krish has gone to work and is now being rewarded, to which Baldev responds by reminding them that Krish has already been rewarded and asks Bindiya to join him. Baldev then acknowledges Krish’s life partner, who will always guide him in the right direction. As he encourages Bindiya to ride the scooty, she brings an aarti plate and performs a ritual while Krish breaks a coconut. With that, Baldev hands over the keys to Bindiya. Excitedly, she declares herself as the head of the family and prepares to start the scooty when Indu suddenly hits her hand causing the keys to fall. The room falls into stunned silence.

Indu inquires about your desire to prove your greatness, reminding you that she has already witnessed it. She then tells you that you cannot find a place in her heart. Curious, Krish asks his mother what is the matter. Indu responds by expressing her disappointment with how her son’s face used to radiate like the sun, but now it is overshadowed. She retreats into the house. Baldev calls out to Indu, expressing his exhaustion with their constant arguments and asking her to stop belittling Bindiya every day. He reminds Indu that Bindiya is Krish’s wife and implores her to understand that she is not only an integral part of Krish’s life but also the choti bahu of this household. Baldev suggests that if she were to give Bindiya a chance in her heart, she would feel much happier.

He questions why her hurt over the gift of a scooty, and insinuates that perhaps she has a small heart. Indu responds by removing her jewellery and bangles, stating that she cannot part with her mangalsutra. She clarifies that her heart is not small, and asks him to give all material possessions, such as the house and car, to Bindiya instead. In a similar manner, Bindiya also removes her jewellery and expresses her desire to wear it if the other woman refuses. However, she asserts that she does not need any wealth or status, only his love. She admits to being from a village but points out that she is not uneducated.


When Payal tells Bindiya that she is the reason for her sorrows, she says she doesn’t need to stay here. Bindiya tells her to go to Chiraiyya.

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