Suhaagan 8th May 2023 Written Update


Suhaagan 8th May 2023 Written Episode Update on

In the episode, Bindiya tells Madan that Phoolwati asked them not to go to school. Madan says maybe she was joking. Bindiya says we have to pay school fees. Madan checks his wallet and says there’s no money left.

He asks Rekha to bring her purse and gives them money from her purse. Rekha calls him out. He says that everything is going according to their plan, and they must pay something to gain more. In order to hear Madan, Phoolwati enters the drum, but Madan sees her and locks it, telling Rekha they will do anything to keep Bindiya and Payal happy.

It is Phoolwati who calls Bhim, but he doesn’t answer. She thinks to scold him. She turns and makes the drum fall down, and roll over. Bindiya and Payal are playing there. They hear the noise. Payal stops Bindiya from opening the drum, saying it might contain ghosts. Madan comes to the scene and says there is no such thing as a ghost.

Phoolwati hears Bhim and asks him to open the drum lid. He opens it and takes her out. Phoolwati holds his neck and asks him what he wants. He tells him he went to the city to inquire about Madan. She tells him he isn’t rich, but poor. She says the car doesn’t belong to him. Phoolwati thanks him and then pushes him.

When Bengaliya asks Payal to focus on her homework, Payal says she doesn’t want to study. When she is grown up, she asks what she will do. Payal says makeup. She does makeup. Bindiya tells her not to take any stuff without permission. We apply make-up to each other’s faces, saying mami is ours.

There is Rekha who comes there and says you have taken my make-up. She asks why you touched it and says it is very precious to me. Madan comes there and says they might want to look like you. He says he will bring you a new make-up case. She says I know well. Bindiya and Payal get upset. Bindiya says we will go and apologize to Mami. Payal asks why? Did we break her lipstick and Kajal?

Dadi tells Indiya that they have made a mistake. Indiya says we learn from our mistakes. She asks her to do something to make Mami happy. Indiya gets the flowers and other stuff and makes a decorative item. Payal says I had asked Bindi to make something for Mami. Rekha hugs her as well. Bindiya says she won’t touch your stuff. Rekha asks them to ask her next time.

Phoolwati comes there and says she wants to take their photo. She provokes him to sign the legal papers that he is here for Bindiya and Payal’s love and that he doesn’t need anything from this house or farm. In response, he claims that he is not interested in the house and farm, as he is unsure of whose name it is.

As soon as he signs the papers, Phoolwati asks for his driving licence and matches his signature. Phoolwati says ok and leaves. She asks Bhim to find a place to hide the papers and Bhim says he will certainly try to steal them.

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