Suhaagan 31st October 2023 Written Episode: Krishna’s Health Crisis and Payal’s Deception


Suhaagan 31st October 2023 Written Episode Update on

After Krishna thanked Bindiya for saving Payal, Payal said she also needed to see a doctor. The village doctor arrives to treat both Krishna and Bindiya. Two children are about to drink a cold beverage into which Payal mixed a drug. She stops them and disposes of the drink. Payal and Bindiya decide to leave.

Vikram runs into car trouble, and Baldev playfully suggests the car may want them to leave together. He tells Vikram to get a different car, but they encounter the same problem with the replacement vehicle. Bindiya volunteers to lend a hand and is determined to help. Meanwhile, as Krishna takes Payal home in his car, he struggles with guilt, worried that Bindiya might be speaking the truth. Payal points out Bindiya’s intelligence to allay his fears and subtly adds a drug into a water bottle for Krishna to drink.

As the villagers discuss Payal and Krishna leaving early, Bindiya becomes concerned about Payal’s hidden intentions. They realize they can only get a mechanic the following day, which worries Bindiya. Dadi advises Baldev to stay behind, while Vikram also voices objections. Bindiya remains committed to taking them back and leaves uncertainly. When Krishna feels drowsy while driving, he pulls over. He asks Payal if she can take the wheel, and she agrees. Krishna’s condition worsens, and he begins to babble and nearly passes out.

Indiya returns driving a tractor, convincing her family to join her. Despite their reluctance, the villagers climb onto the tractor, much to Payal’s amusement. Krishna, barely conscious and incoherent, manages to reach home with her. To attract security’s attention, Payal staged a scenario that made Krishna appear to be advancing toward her.


When Bindiya returns home, she sees Krishan and Payal’s clothes lying on the floor. She goes to their room and finds them together, and her heart is broken.

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