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Shagun, Sakshi, and Sumeet stood together outside. Shagun informed Sumeet that one of their dreams could now become a reality. Sumeet expressed her unwavering faith in Shlok, stating he would never make such a choice. However, Shagun disagreed, saying that Shlok struggled with handling minor issues and was too fixated on success to question Sakshi. She asked Sumeet if she had not noticed Shlok’s intense desire for fame and declared that today, he must choose between his dream and his wife. Despite this dilemma, Sumeet remained steadfast in her trust in Shlok.

According to Sakshi, Shlok is about to talk to Sakshi about something crucial, which involves her playing the Dhol. Sumeet recalls Shlok’s previous words and starts to make connections. When the moon appears, she joins Shlok, and all the couples celebrate Karva Chauth together. The song plays in the background as they perform the rituals. As Priyanka performs the rituals for Raj, Raj watches.

He breaks Sumeet’s fast by helping her drink water. Shlok recalls Sakshi’s demand that Sumeet stop playing the Dhol.

She tells Raj she wants to celebrate Karva Chauth as his wife next year. He wants to gift her something, and Priyanka believes his loyalty and love are his most precious gifts. However, Raj recalls the letter he wrote about what happened between him and Pankhuri and intends to give it to Priyanka. The family members want Raj to take her to the hospital just as he is about to hand her the letter. Pankhuri notices and intervenes.

Poonam requests Sumeet to place diyas around, joined by Shlok. She assures him that he can make any request, and she will fulfill it. Sumeet adds that when two hearts are connected, words are not necessary. Poonam has already made up her mind to give up playing the Dhol. Her selflessness takes Shlok aback. Poonam clarifies that playing the Dhol is simply a hobby, while singing is not only his dream but also hers. Her love for him knows no bounds, and she is willing to sacrifice anything for him, solidifying her decision. They share a heartfelt embrace.

A doctor informs Raj that Pankhuri is suffering from mental trauma. While Sakshi and Shagun are sitting together, the electricity suddenly goes out. As Sumeet arrives with a diya, Shagun asks if Shlok has asked her to stop playing the Dhol. Sumeet points out the purity of their relationship, drawing a comparison to the sacred flame of the diya. Skeptically, Sakshi questions the integrity of Sumeet’s words, and Shagun wonders if she has made another sacrifice. In response, Sumeet taunts them and remembers how Shlok had told her he didn’t want to sing at the expense of her happiness.

Shlok confronts Sakshi as he plays the Dhol. Shlok informs Shagun that her plan has failed once again. Shagun retorts, stating that Shlok is bound by her contract and cannot perform anywhere else. Sumeet reveals she is about to tear up the contract papers and shows Raunak’s live video proposing to someone before she tears it up.


Raj says Pankhuri suffers from mental trauma, and there is no cure in India, so I have decided to take her to the US. Sumeet says to take Priyanka along with Pankhuri. Raj is hiding something, and I’m sure there’s another reason. Pankhuri says to herself, “Whatever happens, I’ll go to any lengths to get Priyanka to come with me.”

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