Kumkum Bhagya 2nd February 2024 Written Episode: Poorvi’s Grah Pravesh and Unexpected Disappearance

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Kumkum Bhagya 2nd February 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The episode begins with Beeji telling Poorvi to kick the Kalash. Harleen reminds her to use her right foot and explains the significance of the grah Pravesh ritual, which is believed to bring prosperity and happiness to the household. He expresses that Poorvi is now like our Lakshmi (Goddess of wealth). A song plays in the background as RV holds Poorvi’s foot over an alta plate. All family members are filled with joy. Yug suggests showing Poorvi around the house if the grah pravesh has been completed. Damini suggests taking Poorvi to her room, but her husband interjects and says they should go to their room first. Beeji agrees and adds that they should rest after their long journey.

I will have to do the first rasoi tomorrow, as Damini says it will be busy. Yug says we cannot leave them. RV’s Bhabhi stops him and tells Poorvi to go. Prachi cries and thinks about Poorvi. Manpreet says Prachi is courageous and has the power to send their daughter to her house. Armaan comes there. They ask him to sit. Vishaka asks Diya to give him kesar milk. Diya leaves.

The woman asks Armaan why he didn’t come for marriage. He says he was busy with international clients, and Khushi didn’t answer his call, so he picked her up. Khushi called from outside the venue she reached, he says. Diya says I will call her, and she might pick up. They say they will call Poorvi. Armaan asks them not to disturb Poorvi’s wedding night.

Poorvi is taken to the room by Nupur and asked to sit. Dadi and Dadu arrive with RV and Yug. Nupur asks RV why he doesn’t know his room. Dadu gives the reasoning. Beeji asks how she will let the brother go? Nupur says her sister stops him from going to the room and asks for shagun. Dadu says she’s clever and knows how to get the money.

RV handed her the card and requested permission to retire to the room. Seeing RV’s urgency, Yug encouraged him to proceed. Dadu advised RV to cherish the melody within his heart. As the song “Har Dawa” echoed in the background, transitioning into “Mainu Ishq Tera,” RV lifted Poorvi’s veil, their gazes intertwining in a moment of silent connection.

Khushi’s call is not connecting, Vishaka says. Ashok says Khushi is wise and knows we will be worried. Armaan says she has reached the venue and has had no accident. He says I will go and check on her. Vishaka says I will come with you. Armaan asks if you don’t trust me and tells her he will search for her since he has good relations with higher authorities. Diya tells Poorvi about Khushi.

We are searching for you, Prachi says. She asked if we could go home since my sister was missing. RV replies, ok, let’s change our clothes first since they are heavy. Prachi asks why she told Poorvi. Diya says she didn’t know they didn’t inform her. Poorvi and RV are leaving the house. Yug asks where they are going. RV tells him that Poorvi’s sister is missing, so they leave. He holds Poorvi’s hand as she thanks RV for being so kind to her.


RV pulls the cloth from Khushi’s head, and she says Rajvansh. Yug says he feels like she is being kidnapped.

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