Kumkum Bhagya 6th August 2023 Written Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 6th August 2023 Written Episode. Written Update on worldofentertainment.in

The Episode begins with Prachi congratulating Ranbir and Mihika and offering them sweets. Vishaka announces that the engagement is scheduled for tomorrow. Ashok expresses his approval of Ranbir, saying that Mihika has found the perfect match. Prachi and Ranbir exchange glances while Mihika smiles. As Mayank calls Mihika’s phone, Divya accidentally answers the call. Mayank overhears their conversation as Divya talks about how Ranbir is a well-rounded and attractive partner for Mihika, praising his sharpshooting skills. She congratulates her and embraces her, saying she is lucky to have found such an ideal man.

Mihika inquires how many times you will congratulate me. Divya expresses her relief that you ended up with Ranbir instead of Mayank, whom she deems an idiot. She questions what qualities you saw in Mayank, to which Mihika responds with excitement over being engaged to Ranbir. Divya adds that it must be divine intervention that removed Mayank from your life. Mihika politely asks her not to mention his name repeatedly and switches the subject to their outfits for the engagement. Divya shares that she plans on wearing a blue dress since it is being held at South Extension house. She also mentions a photo session they have planned. Mihika reminds her that it is her engagement, but Divya points out that it is her turn after yours. This prompts Mayank to overhear and angrily shout towards Mihika’s direction.

Prachi ponders over Ranbir’s thoughts on himself. When he chooses to, he enters with confidence. She recounts how Ranbir had asked if she still has feelings for him, to which she had responded with disbelief. She explains that he doesn’t understand and does whatever he pleases. She reminisces about how he used to be different and how she was his entire world then. However, everything has changed now, and it’s all over. Shahana questions why Prachi is affected by the situation and reminds her that she wanted to cut off all ties with Ranbir. She suggests that Prachi may be feeling a little envious. Prachi clarifies that it’s not envy, but just a small amount of it. Akshay interrupts their conversation and asks who is not being truthful while pointing out their sudden silence. He inquires if they were discussing Ranbir.

Upon seeing Mayank’s call, Mihika recalls his previous words and the incident where he had hit her with a hanger. She realizes that if he finds out about her engagement, he will lose control again and she cannot handle it. Despite Mayank having moved on and gotten married himself, Mihika tries not to think about him. As Ranbir approaches, she quickly composes herself and he apologizes for his earlier behavior. He explains that upon learning about her father’s chest pain, he remembered what she had told him and decided to announce their desire to get married as a way to ease the situation. Mihika expresses gratitude towards him for being considerate of her father’s health. However, they both come to the realization that they cannot reveal the truth to her father and must let the engagement proceed as planned. Curious as to why Mihika seems worried, Ranbir asks but she assures him that everything is fine before bidding him goodbye.

Akshay inquires about their nerves and reveals that Ranbir and Mihika’s engagement is tomorrow, followed by their marriage. He expresses his suspicion that they were discussing a secret he was unaware of. Shahana denies this. Akshay then mentions inviting Pallavi aunty to the event and informing her about Mihika. He shares that when Pallavi met Ranbir, she seemed happy but he appeared nervous. He admits being initially confused but ultimately glad to find out that Ranbir loves Mihika immensely and is eager to marry her. He clarifies that he just wanted to confirm if this was the truth or not. Prachi excuses herself from the conversation, while Shahana assumes she left because she did not want to hear about Ranbir and Mihika’s relationship history. Akshay asks Shahana if there is something she wants to tell him, to which she replies with a negative response. Akshay persists in asking her if anything else needs addressing, but Shahana assures him that everything will be fine. Reassured, Akshay agrees with her statement before continuing with the discussion at hand.

Prachi and Ranbir discuss their relationship, with Prachi initially believing that he had come for her. Ranbir admits that he thought they still had a connection, but now realizes he was mistaken. Prachi clarifies that there is no longer any attachment between them. Ranbir remembers her saying this at the mall and comments on how she finally got what she wanted. She also mentions her plans to personally handle all the engagement preparations. When Ranbir questions her lack of happiness, she assures him that he can see the smile on his face. He then asks for congratulations, to which Prachi obliges and they shake hands. However, things take a romantic turn when Ranbir pulls her closer and suggests forgetting about each other if there truly is no connection or attachment anymore. As they go their separate ways, a song plays in the background.


Prachi says she told Ranbir that she would handle all engagement work. He thinks he will pretend to be very happy before Prachi if she has to play a game with me.

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