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Kumkum Bhagya 26th September 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The episode starts with the Inspector asking the guy if he has seen Ranbir, showing his photo. The guy says I didn’t see him, but he seems to be a film hero. The Inspector asks him to leave. Asked if he got a call, Akshay says he did. The detective says she didn’t ask and you are getting defensive. Akshay says no. The detective says she is here to find Khushi. She says she has doubts about everyone here, whether it’s Mr. Tandon, who hired me, or Akshay.

Akshay says everyone knows Ranbir has done this. She says she knows to do the work. Ranbir comes to the factory and sees Rana knocking on the door twice, stopping, knocking again, and saying nice password. When the other goon opens the door, Rana gets in and closes it. He calls Prachi and asks for ransom. She picks up the phone. He says, “Hi!”

Prachi urgently requests to speak with her daughter, but the person on the other end of the line insists that he called her for another task. Puzzled, Prachi inquires further, but suddenly realizes that someone is approaching and quickly hangs up. The person approaches his associates and suggests changing their location. Meanwhile, Prachi tries calling again and pleads for him to answer. Rana swiftly grabs Khushi and moves away from the area. However, Ranbir manages to force his way in and finds Rana’s phone left behind. Hearing the phone ringing, he frantically searches for it and answers the call. Prachi desperately offers money to whoever it is on the phone, begging them not to harm her daughter and return her safely.

Ranbir assures Prachi that he will find Khushi and bring her back to her. As he arrives at the scene, Akshay becomes anxious. He quickly scans the area for any sign of the kidnappers and spots them attempting to unlock a door. Fueled with determination, Ranbir confronts them, demanding for his daughter’s release. One of the goons unlocks the door while the other fires a shot at Ranbir, narrowly missing him as they make their escape with Khushi. Luckily, Ranbir manages to dodge the bullet by ducking down in time. The goons lock the door before running away, leaving Ranbir trapped inside. Desperate to get out and save his daughter, he forcefully pushes open the door.

Akshay informs everyone that Ranbir is with the kidnapper, having answered their call. This suggests he has escaped from the police station. He plans to speak to the Inspector and shares this news with him on the phone. The Inspector assures him that his team is already on the hunt for Ranbir. Akshay expresses concern about whether Ranbir is in police custody or not. Prachi turns to Detective Ritika and asks for advice on finding Khushi. Without hesitation, Ritika takes over the call and asks the Inspector to keep her updated on any leads they receive. Once she hangs up, she checks in with Akshay, asking if he will aid in searching for Khushi or criticize the police’s efforts. Feeling remorseful, Akshay apologizes and heads inside while Ritika’s team arrives at the scene. She instructs them to begin their work promptly.

Akshay calls Rana from his room. In the car, Rana and the goons suddenly stop. Rana gets down and asks the goons to check the car. Akshay calls him and asks what’s going on, I heard Ranbir’s voice. Rana says I gave you my other number. Akshay says he won’t help you if you get caught.

In case we get trapped, you will be trapped too, he says. If you had given me money, then I wouldn’t have come to your house, no one would have seen me. He then asks how Ranbir came out of lock up, you should have taken care. The guy helping Ranbir sees Rana’s car and informs him. Prachi calls Ranbir and asks where are you? I’m looking for Khushi, Prachi says.

Ranbir recounts the events leading up to his current situation: he had arrived at the place where Khushi was being held, but was met with gunfire and a locked door. His attempts to find them had been unsuccessful, resulting in wasted time. Prachi implores him to disclose Khushi’s whereabouts, promising not to intervene. Meanwhile, Ritika’s team is tracking their call. Ranbir assures Prachi that he is still searching for their daughter and insists that he did not kidnap her. Despite her persistent questioning, Mihika cuts off the call once she realizes it is being traced. She confidently states that no one will find Ranbir and that he will bring Khushi back. The room falls silent as Akshay unexpectedly slaps Mihika, shocking everyone present.

A guy comes to Ranbir. He says he has stolen a taxi for him. Ranbir asks the guy why he’s helping. The guy says he’s lost his daughter and he dies every day, and that maybe my daughter will get some peace with my help. The guy says yes to Ranbir’s question. Akshay is asked by Vishaka why he slapped his sister.

Mihika is mad for Akshay, Akshay says, Manpreet and Ashok scold him. Prachi says we will focus on Khushi and asks him not to do any drama, and she says you are distracting us. He says he is searching for my daughter and doesn’t think anyone’s interested in getting Khushi back. We would have been able to reach Ranbir and brought Khushi back if Mihika hadn’t cut the call.

Ashok says let them do their work. Mihika says you even doubt Ranbir, you were trusting him until yesterday. Mihika praises Ranbir as sensible, kind, etc. Nobody trusts Ranbir now, she says, and that he has saved me from goons and Prachi from terrorists. She says nobody will blame Ranbir, and that I will be here and won’t leave. Vishaka advises her not to stress herself and to sit quietly.

In response to Ashok’s family drama, Ritika apologizes. She tells Prachi that they will trace the call when it comes again. Rana looks back and says that they are saved, their destiny is good. The goon driving the car informs Rana that the taxi is following us. When Ranbir appears in the taxi, Rana asks the goon to speed up.

It is Ranbir who asks the guy to speed up so that they can catch him. They are stopped at a police checkpoint. Rana asks the goon to speed up the car so that they can escape. Ranbir’s taxi also follows Rana’s car. When the inspector sees Ranbir, he says they will follow him. Akshay thinks they would have caught Ranbir by now if Mihika had let them trace him.

A team member of Ritika asks why Ranbir will call again. Prachi says I’ll look for Ranbir and ask him about Khushi. Ritika says Ranbir is a smart person. Even though Akshay is unaware investigators are here, he thinks Ranbir must be reaching Rana’s location and decides to deal with it.

Mihika asks Prachi to say if Ranbir can do this. Prachi responds that from Akshay’s facts, Ranbir appears to have done it. Mihika asks her to ask her heart. Manpreet says it is difficult to answer. Prachi asks Ritika. Ritika says Ranbir is the striking player right now, I believe that call will come soon.


Akshay hits Prachi from behind and makes her unconscious. Ranbir and the guy arrive at Bakshi Chawl after Vishaka informs him that Ranbir’s call has been traced.

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