Barsatein – Mausam Pyar Ka Dramatic Confrontation: Reyansh’s Ultimatum at Aradhana’s Wedding | 11th December 2023 Episode Update


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The Episode begins with Reyansh confidently stating that Kriti will end up with Jai. On the other hand, Malini expresses her concern for their whereabouts as they are not responding. Kriti then approaches Jai and admires his current state. Jai, being his usual self, reminds her of her defeat. Impressed by his attitude, she declares her victory and assumes that Aradhana must have already married Reyansh. However, Jai assures her that Reyansh truly loves Aradhana and would not cheat to marry her. Disappointed with this information, Kriti prepares a drink and reminisces how Reyansh shares the same belief as Jai. She scoffs at the thought of it being so “boring.” In a rebellious gesture, she reaches for a gun in the cupboard and reiterates that she is not one to be trounced, determined to show everyone what she is capable of.

As the gun is aimed at Jai, a smile forms on Kriti’s face. Reyansh accuses her of being afraid, comparing her to a captured criminal. He then calls Kriti, with whom he has a tense relationship, and she answers his call while calling him names. Displeased with their absence, Reyansh throws his phone and vows to decide when they arrive. Unfazed by his threats, Kriti remains determined to claim Jai for herself and confidently declares that nothing can stop him from coming. This leads Reyansh again to attempt to contact Kriti, who ends up firing a shot at Jai due to the ongoing drama surrounding their whereabouts and actions.

Nita enquires about Jai’s whereabouts, urging someone to take action. Kriti, in a fit of anger, threatens Jai. Nita expresses concern for Jai’s safety from Kriti. Malini also contacts Kriti and asks for her location. Nita assures Kriti not to harm Jai as she will handle the situation. Kriti reminds them that she and Jai would have been married by now if he had reciprocated her love. However, Jai denies any feelings for her. This angers Kriti, who then argues with Malini. Reyansh intervenes, warning Kriti not to harm his friend or else he will not spare her. Kriti retorts that Reyansh has a split personality but reassures him that she won’t hurt Jai because she loves him deeply. Reyansh gives her a deadline of 2 minutes to bring Jai back, or he will personally come there to confront her. Finally, after some negotiations, both parties understood, and Kriti agreed to return with Jai within the given time frame.

Jai says Aradhana can’t be made out of my heart. Krit asks what to do. I won’t let you marry Aradhana. She says say you love me. He says no, I love her. She hits him. Reyansh says don’t worry, nothing will happen to Jai; why did you choose Jai and not me? I won’t ask; I want you; you mean more to me than life. He explains.

He says love is the most crucial aspect, but society tends to overlook its importance. As long as love is in one’s heart, material possessions are unnecessary, or one may live alone in a grand house like Kadambari. Bhakti assures that she does not wish any harm upon Aradhana. He reminds Malini that they were looking for a practical man for their daughter. Despite Malini’s objections, she refuses to let them interfere with her marriage. Harsh defends himself by asking what they are doing wrong and doubts their willingness to let Aradhana decide for herself. Kriti pleads with Jai not to pressure her into deciding because she loves him dearly and is unlike Aradhana.

Aradhana’s love captured my heart, not any superficial displays. Her pure and unassuming nature is what draws me to her. I cannot reciprocate your feelings because my heart belongs to Aradhana. She insists that you will never become a part of her life. However, I am determined to love and marry Aradhana. Despite his declaration of love, she points a gun at him. Reyansh reminds her of the lessons she taught him about love and pain. Though you may marry him, when will you truly live? Not all marriages are happy ones – my parents’ obedience to their parents led them to a life of misery. He turns to Malini for confirmation and praises Jai as the best man for Aradhana, completely sane and in control. He urges Aradhana to understand that only he can offer her genuine love and happiness.

Now that’s enough, Harsh says, get out of here. In my opinion, I pity my mother because she loved someone else. Looking at our situation today, I know Jai loves you, but you can’t give him the love you already gave me. It will hurt his heart as Vivek did, and you will end two love stories. Ask your heart. Varun asks what this nonsense is, and I’m tense. He receives a message and is shocked.

Adhana cries. Bhakti consoles her. Harsh asks how you can believe Reyansh. Nita scolds them. Reyansh says no one knows why you are crying, that you are crying because you know I am right, that we are crying for each other, and that we understand our heartbeat. “Mai teri hogai” plays…Reyansh holds her and wipes her tears.


They are all shocked when Varun says Jai was shot. Nita scolds Reyansh.

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